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Keeping You in the Spiral for 2023

Hello dear wild wise sisters and brothers.

I am dropping into your inbox as I prepare for the end of 2022 and begin visioning, feeling and sensing into the beginning of a new year which I would like to share with you.

I feel a new year as being full of potential, I ask myself

· What am I yearning for?

· What do I want to let go of?

· How will I manifest my dreams?

· Who do I want to have with me as I venture into this new year?

That last question is one I need to remind myself. As a care giver and being in service to others through my work, I often forget to tune in to my own needs and what support I need.

It is something however, I always ask clients, knowing the importance of taking care of ourselves!

And in these rapidly and intense changing times, taking care of ourselves is paramount.

Finding wellbeing practices of self-care and love, so that we may journey our initiations and transformations in order to live our lives aligned to who we are, can feel overwhelming with so many different paths of support to choose from. And in addition, as we move ever further away from the age of Pisces (the old way of doing what the external voice of authority tells us we should do) and into the age of Aquarius, led by our internal voice of authority, our desire to be unbound, our innate wisdom, we are also moving toward a New Earth.

But what is New Earth?

I feel and sense it as great change coming, raising our consciousness, living from a place of love and compassion with ease and joy; some refer to it as The Golden Age. But what it will look, feel, be like, I struggle to imagine in the usual way I may imagine something. There is no map to follow – other than perhaps our own intuitive guidance.

So, it makes sense doesn't it, that we activate our wisdom, we heal our wounds, we re-ignite our intuitive ability, we gift ourselves time away from the noise, we re-connect to our cyclical nature by re-connecting with nature, because we are nature.

This takes commitment to break free from our old stories that have bound us into complacency, stagnation and disconnection from self, from nature and from the cosmos.

It is time to return to balance, to wellbeing, to a life of joy fullness, love and relationship.

Where do we begin such a journey?

I know, from many years of experience that when we find ‘the piece’ that resonates with us, our Soul sings and our heart fills and radiates with love – it simply feels right. And because to walk a path of transformation takes courage, having what we need and want along the way makes the difference between actually venturing forth into the unknown to find and reveal our magic or stay bound up in ‘shoulds’ and shut ourselves off from the alchemy life wants to gift us.

I have learnt over time that when it feels right, I’m in!

So, having said all of this, I am keen to share with you my offerings as possible pathways for creating and manifesting your own transformational 2023.

I am a wild wise woman who has gathered her bones (and continues to gather!) I am a space holder, a healer, a deep diver, a soul sister, a Crone.

My passion and gift, is to work primarily with women (online or in person) who are courageously walking their pathway of initiation and transformation.

My invitation to you is to take a look below and if anything resonates, I’d love to hear from you.

We can have an informal conversation about what is calling you and how we may work together.

You may also like to access the free resources on my website, where you will find my own meditations and in addition some I enjoy found on YouTube.

Until then, I wish you a beauty full Winter Solstice and Christmas, may you be nourished and nurtured and held in love

Brier x

Sacred Spirals of Healing and Transformation Immersions (12 month journey) – Online

Menopause Wisdoms Circle (Monthly) – Online

1:1 and Group Crystal and Tibetan Bowl Sound Vibration Immersions – In Person

Wilding Women Retreat – In Person

Individual Retreats – In Person

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