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"I came to stay at spirals of well-being for an early 50th retreat with my sister. I had stayed here previously but totally forgot how powerful the land is here. Angie and Rob are so welcoming and the cottage was so cosy and heartwarming. I felt so at home and the added bonus was no internet or telly so no distractions. It was like stepping back in time. One of the evenings Angie hosted the most heart opening sound bath. I felt so emotional as she held the most potent space for me to let go and connect. The wood burner gently warming my body and the sound of the crystal bowls allowing me to really drop back home to myself. My body felt lighter just staying on this land. It’s pure magic 🪄"

Louise Semple

"Spending time at Spirals is always a completely magical experience. As soon as I arrive I feel like I've been transported to another world, one where I'm able to connect more deeply with myself, with others and with nature.

Just being on the land is powerful in itself, and when Angie is holding space, that power is amplified hugely! I've now experienced two sound healing journeys with her and each one has been incredibly potent. I was able to connect with different aspects of my being and felt the most beautiful shifts both during and after the sessions.

The Wild Woman Dance process is something I love! Angie holds the most nurturing space throughout for us to explore our wild edges and I get to express parts of me that have been forgotten or hidden in the past.

I would say that Angie is one of the most gifted circle-holders I know. I always feel safe and deeply supported when I'm held by her."

SO grateful for Spirals and Angie!

Nicola Humber

Author and Founder of The Unbound Press



"I have never been on a retreat before, and  though I was strongly called to take some much needed time out from my hectic life, I was a little apprehensive about how comfortable I would be spending three days cut off from the world in the company of women I had never met before.


I shouldn’t have worried. Angie created an incredibly warm, loving and safe space where there were no expectations placed on me other than that I allowed myself to be held by the magical Welsh land that is her home, open my heart and mind and let whatever I needed to experience arise.   


These days have been some of the most blissful, beautiful times I have experienced. Angie led us in perfect a blend of meditation, mantra singing, journeying and mindful movement with enough time alone to reflect and absorb the thoughts and feelings that arose.


I immersed myself in every different, wonderful experience though the option not to partake was always there, and I felt myself coming back to who I really am.


Away from our time together, I journaled, read and walked the lovely, peaceful land wherever the fancy took me, sitting to contemplate the high soaring kites and buzzards, the rustling wind in the trees, the gently bubbling stream and the myriad small creatures that I shared the space with.


My companions, two beautiful wilding sisters, were equally open, caring and accepting. It was an unexpected joy to spend time with them in the simple pleasures of sharing delicious food, talking through our experience of the retreat and our hopes and dreams. We laughed, cried, danced and held space for each other to explore whatever we needed to experience in the moment.


When it came time to leave it was hard to step away. I came feeling tired and disconnected from myself. I left feeling renewed, reenergized and ready to make much needed changes in my life. I have a new sense of being able to find a balance between the demands of a busy life whilst honoring and making space for the wild woman I really am and to whom Spirals of Wellbeing helped me reconnect with."


Much love


Rowan  - Wilding Woman Retreat 2023

Wilding Retreat 2023Ali Roe - Creative
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