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Welcome  to your resources page.

I hope you enjoy my meditations, interviews and reading my books.

Do get in touch to let me know how these land for you on your alchemical journey of transformation.

With so much love



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Womb Meditation 

Words by Angie Brierheart

Music by Rob Northwood

Feminine Rising Tribal Mix
Feminine Rising

Feminine Rising Tribal Dance Meditation



Feminine Rising Poem

Words by Angie Brierheart

Music by Rob Northwood

My Books

Menopause Wisdoms Women's Stories of Becoming Crone

(Previously known as Brier Heart)

Take Off Your Armour and Have a Cup of Tea

(previously known as Angie Northwood)


Mantra Singing

In these challenging and potent times it is ever more vital for us to 'be in a frequency of love', to nurture ourselves and raise the frequency of love in the World. When we women come together, calling upon the love in our hearts and wisdom in our cauldron's, we weave the magic needed  as we co-create New Earth.

I would love to invite you then, to join me, remotely, on Thursday evenings to sing Mantra's in Circle with Wilding Sisters.  This is offered as a joy full, bliss full practice, filling our hearts with sacred, pure love.

We are currently singing the Mantra's shown below. You may wish to sit in meditation before you begin and after the mantra's have finished, the choice is yours.

I will not remind you each week, the invitation is made and I will be there each Thursday, unless stated otherwise.

If you have any suggestions for other mantra's you love, just drop me a line.

We begin at 9pm GMT, I usually sit for an hour.

With so much love


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