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About Me

Hello dear kindred spirit, I am so happy you have found your way to Spirals of Wellbeing.

I am Angie Brierheart, an Integral Sound Healer, Soulful Facilitator, Space Holder and Author.

I live in magical West Wales with my husband and our 2 adult children. Since arriving here in 2012 I have journeyed through The Menopause, written 2 books published by The Unbound Press and created Spirals of Wellbeing which currently offers Wilding Woman Sensual Flow Dance , 1:1 Integral Sound Healing sessions and small group sound baths.

Together with my husband we grow our own organic food, have planted a woodland and witnessed the land coming back to life as we live in harmony with her.

The beautiful land I live on is at the core of who I am and what I bring. Being held by the land has been integral to my healing journey and I am so honoured that kindred spirits like you choose to come here and be held by her too as you walk your pathway back to the true nature of who you are.

My Story

I'd like to share with you a little of my journey of transformation and how I came to knowing what I am here to do! .

I have held space for others for over 2 decades, in all honesty I would say that it is only in the last decade that I have been able to hold space without depleting myself.

Through the first decade I had not learnt how to take care of myself, I gave to others without giving to myself.

How to invite in nurture and nourishment was not yet on my radar. This became a problem for me. I burnt out, I became depressed and was no longer able to give to others. Depression was an initiation, I was stepping over a threshold into a death of my old self in order for me to find the gold in disintegration, knowing deep in my bones the alchemy of re birth.​ 


And just as I thought 'I've got this', I was called to step over another threshold of initiation. This time I was navigating my menopause changes. For a long while, I did not realise I was menopausal and so consequently fought against the changes that were unfolding. Moving to West Wales and seeking out support, I found my way to sitting in Circle with other women, to dive deep into my patriarchal wounding and re claim the true nature of who I am.


For a further 5 years I explored my inner landscape and embarked on my inner work, I began to 'gather my bones'. I trained in a rainbow of healing practices, not only for others but also for my own healing, learning that my wellbeing is essential to being a space holder and healer.


When I reflect back on the journey of reaching this point in my life, I am filled with gratitude for the wise teachers I encountered along the way, for the stumbles and falls I experienced as I learnt to let go, surrender and eventually to create spaciousness for my Soul's calling to slowly but surly immerge.

I feel now, as a Crone, that I can breathe deeply, exhale fully, see,sense, imagine and vision in ways I had only dreamed of as a younger woman. And, it is always nature that reminds me to be in my heart, that re-aligns me to my Soul's song.

And as you are here, I suspect you are feeling the call to find the gold in the journey you are currently navigating, to embrace and welcome your transformation within a container of kindness, compassion and love, am I right?​

I would love to share with you the wisdom I have gathered, the healing practices I have learnt, the wellbeing practices I have created, from being in nature, dreaming and visioning, journeying and journaling, moving and dancing, toning and singing, to resting and being still. 

I am delighted to be able to provide you a stunning, beauty full, loving space in which to come and retreat, to rest, to be curious and courageous as you explore your gifts as a cyclical, magical and creative individual.

​I would be delighted to chat with you to explore how we may work together. ​

With so much love



You are welcome to get in touch for a free exploratory chat 

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