Sacred Spirals Healing


Sacred Spirals Healing is a beautiful, potent blend of

Energy Healing, Shamanic Vibration Drumming and Journey, Voice Toning,

Tibetan bowls and Crystal bowl vibration, Deep Listening,

Chakra Balancing, Meditation and Visualisation.

Why Sacred Spirals?

The spiral is a sacred symbol representing cosmic force, the journey and change of life as it unfolds.

In Celtic symbolism, the spiral also represents initiation and transformation that is the continuous development of human beings both spiritually and physically.

I have felt a strong connection to spirals for many years. The silver jewellery I made as a young woman was inspired by spirals and most pieces had a spiral in it somewhere. When I dance I move in spirals, many of my possessions have spirals adorning them. Just before I moved here in 2012, I had doodled a spiral tree, full of hearts, with strong roots; it instantly became the inspiration for the work I was developing at Spirals of Wellbeing. 

I know now all those years of spirals in my life was no accident. Every spiral was an important, alchemical sign, nudging me toward my own healing journey, and over the unfolding of the following10 years of living here at Spirals of Wellbeing, I found my way to creating spiral pathways to what I now offer in service to others.

It became clear to me that through the blend of deep connection I have to the land I live on (her ancestors, the spirits and elemental beings, all plant and creature life) together with the practices I use, sacred spirals were being created to support each individual on their magical and unique journey of life, just as they had for me. 

What is healing?

I feel it as 'holding space' for you; I always begin a session with a conversation, to gather a sense of what you are seeking. I believe when a healer and her client work together, setting a clear intention for the session, we have the potential to create powerful manifestation.

During a Sacred Spirals Healing session with you, I will be working intuitively with sacred spiral energy, in deep connection with the energy of the land and my own guides responding to what is being called in, to support you on your journey of self-care and love for wellbeing.

How can Sacred Spirals Healing support you?

These are both challenging and exciting times we are living in. How we choose to engage with life, what we choose to engage in, powerfully impacts on how we evolve. My belief and experience is, that choosing pathways to self-care and love, creating our own reality from our internal authority, we open ourselves to the beautiful life force energy of sacred spirals. When we engage with sacred spiral energy we empower and enable ourselves to evolve spiritually and physically, promoting balance, peace and wellbeing within and without.

Whether you are a seasoned deep diver or new to stepping over a threshold of transformation,

my Sacred Spirals Healing session holds something for you.

Sessions are in person.


£60 for a1hr deep diving session

£45 for a 45 minute deep relaxation session



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