Menopause Wisdoms

Menopause Wisdoms - Women's Stories of Becoming Crone

"The Menopause has been sold to us a negative phase of our lives for way too long. We have been fed the lie that when we reach our menopausal years we become 'less than', 'crazy', 'embarrassing', 'irrational', 'too much' to be around. We have been taught that our menopausal symptoms need to be got rid of, controlled at all cost and are regarded always as an inconvenience.

​It is little wonder then, that many of us are fearful of The Menopause.

That we fight against our hot flushes, our greying hair, our changing body, our feelings of loss, of grief and of rage.

That many of us feel diminished, invisible, lost and alone.

It is time then to change the narrative.

​Time for the negative perceptions, messages and images we have been taught and shown, to be dispelled.

Time to speak about our changes openly and with respect, grace and honesty.

I am here to let you know that actually, our menopausal years are an invitation to us, to step into our authority, our potency and our power.

If we were sitting together at the kitchen table, right now, with a cup of tea and piece of cake, I’d love to ask you how you are feeling as you begin this exploration into Menopause Wisdoms. I wonder where you feel you are on your menopause journey? What are your experiences so far? Perhaps, you are struggling with your own and others attitudes towards your transmutation and transformation. Or maybe, you want to pack your suitcase and run for the hills to find solitude and quiet?

From my forthcoming book 'Menopause Wisdoms - Women's Stories of Becoming Crone.


Please know dearest sister, you do not need to navigate your menopausal years alone. Being in sisterhood as you journey your changes is beautiful, empowering and potent medicine.

When come together in conversation or when we sit in circle together, to be heard, to listen deeply, to be witnessed and to be held within a loving container, we honour our changes and come to know them as gifts for magical transformation.


Menopause Wisdoms Soulful Facilitation - Online 1:1 Sessions and Online Monthly Circle

When women come together there is always a stirring of the cauldron, a rising of our feminine potency, an activation of our creativity. Soulful Facilitation 1:1 Sessions and Menopause Wisdoms online Circle,  provide a held, loving container in which you are invited to talk through an enquiry – feel into your curiosity – be still and in silence with your changes – with the challenges change brings – with the growth your unique alchemical journey is bringing to you as you walk ever closer to becoming Crone.

Each Session and Circle is a gentle, yet powerful process of holding space, deep listening, an invitation for you to be curious and courageous, a container in which you may discover threads of gold within the magical webs we Wild Wise Women weave together. 

1:1 Sessions are an hour long, once a month over a period of 12 months. Why 12 months? This allows you to experience your changes within the moon phases and full spectrum of the seasons. Attuning to natures cycles and the moon cycle supports us to recognise and align to our own unique cyclical nature. As a changing woman, losing our menstrual cycle, the cycle we have danced with for many years, can leave us feeling lost and uncertain of who we are, what we are doing and what we truly desire to be in the world. Awakening to or deepening our connection to natures cycles helps us to navigate our changes; supports us to re-wild and re-discover our true nature, as we transform into the magnificence of becoming Crone.

A week before each session I invite you to feel into what is stirring in your cauldron, what changes you are you experiencing and how you are experiencing them. I ask you to send me, via email, what is coming up for you. I then spend some time feeling into what you have shared and send you a few prompts or  questions to begin your exploration for our session together.

We then dive into these themes when we come together in the 1:1 session.

A session begins with a grounding meditation, followed by a conversation activated by the questions offered to you. As the session unfolds I will facilitate you through intuiting what more is calling to be spoken. I guide you into a process of stillness within a music landscape to dive into and spend time with your flow, followed by journaling and sharing. This is a potent and powerful process. As you speak your words, you connect to your innate wisdom, to your intuition and to your Truth. You empower yourself to unravel from illusion and reveal the reality you are choosing to create.

The programme also includes participation in the monthly online Menopause Wisdoms Circle, described below.

Cost of 12 x 1:1 Sessions and 12 x Circles £840 inclusive.

Menopause Wisdoms Online Circle

Each month I hold my Menopause Wisdom Online Circle, in which I invite you to share what needs to be spoken, to be heard and witnessed. This may be your challenges, your celebrations, what you are curious about, what you have learnt. As described above, this is a potent and powerful process. As you speak your words to your wild wise women sisters, you connect to your innate wisdom, to your intuition and to your Truth. You empower yourself to unravel from illusion and reveal the reality you are choosing to create.

The Circle begins with a welcome, a grounding meditation and a Talking Circle. Followed by rest, stillness and dreaming or visioning within a music soundscape. There is time too, to then journal what has arisen and share the experience in the closing circle.

Cost of Circle £10 per month 

You may choose to attend the Circle without signing up for the Soulful Facilitation programme.