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In 2019 I wrote my first book ‘Take off Your Armour and Have a Cup of Tea’, published by The Unbound Press. At that time I was known as Angie Northwood (my birth first name and my married surname) . In this book I write about my lived experience and perspective of being a mother of a ‘disabled child’.  I share with the reader how learning about the Social and Medical Models of Disability within a caring, supportive and empowered group of ‘Inclusion Warriors’ changed everything for me. I was enabled to re-connect to my instinctive, intuitive wild woman and become again the mother I wanted and needed to be for my daughter. I understood that it was not my daughter who needed to change in order to fit into a narrow view of what we should all be in the world, but rather it was society that needed re-educating to understand that difference is beautiful, that we are all worthy, are all of value and have the right to be included in whatever way is comfortable and desired for the individual. By this I mean, it is society that has a responsibility to adapt and make changes in attitude, behaviour and action for the inclusion and wellbeing of all.

My daughter shows up differently in the world, this is the gift she brings to our lives. She is a teacher; she challenges people’s perceptions and experiences. She shows us how we can communicate other than through words. She is unbound from the distorted, false beliefs most of us have had inflicted upon us within a Patriarchal, Capitalist society.

The story of the battles I fought for my daughter’s right to be included, the celebrations and joy we experienced as a family as our lives opened out in response to learning unbound ways of being are woven too into my menopausal journey.  I share the practices and healing I chose to seek and embrace and how I learnt to cherish the alchemy of menopause, experiencing the transformation as a potent and powerful initiation into the death and rebirth phase of my life.

I didn’t realise at the time of writing ‘Take off Your Armour and Have a Cup of Tea’, that this was the seed of my second book ‘Re-Claiming the Crone'.

'Re-Claiming the Crone', still in process of being written, shares the lived experience of 10 menopausal women. Each woman in interview shares her story, her challenges, struggles, openings, celebrations, awakenings, healing and journey to becoming Crone.

The second part of the book, is a wellbeing programme, setting out in modules, lessons, prompts and actions, guidance for women to use through her own menopause journey. I am excited to be bringing this to you in the not too distant future!


Re-Wild the True Nature of Who You Are

'Take off Your Armour and

Have a Cup of Tea'

Angie shares her experiences with honesty and authenticity. She challenges us to look at our learnt attitudes, beliefs, behaviours and perceptions in relation to Disability and the Menopause. She invites us to 'think outside the box' providing us with tools to create inclusive practice, whilst also encouraging us to inhabit well-being as we step outside of our comfort zones and 'stir the cauldron of change'.


"With clarity, passion and courage, Angie Northwood punches outside the box!"

Carmen Friedman - Artist and Sculpter

"Reading this book is like sitting across the kitchen table from Angie and receiving the deep wisdom of her lived experience. This is a beautiful and heart-felt book. This book speaks to all women and anyone who desires a freer, more inclusive world to live in".

Nicoal Humber - Author of Heal your Inner Good Girl and Unbound

"This beautifully written and articulate book has much wisdom, compassion and practical help to offer, not just for parents of children with disabilities, but for all women and all parents".

Kiara Dixey - Artist and Writer








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