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Moving into a new adventure - for real!

Hello dearest kindred spirits

Well, after much weaving and winding over the past couple of years, we have finally reached the point where we are ready to let go of Spirals.

I'm not going to say too much here for now, but rather, ask you for your support and positive energy as we step into our new adventure.

We have found where we would like to go, not far from here and very familiar to us.

Our home is on the market, please see details attached, and we are sending out vibrations of welcome and love to the folk who will take over with the care and magic of Spirals.

If you could too, use some powerful words of intention to see us flowing into our new home and leaving here with deep gratitude and grace for all that Spirals has given us and you.

Thank you

I am still offering Integral Sound Healing sessions and the cottage is available for now if you want one last stay, or indeed to come and feel into whether here is your next new adventure!

Here is the link for details of the sale...

With so much love


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