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Sacred Spirals Sound Healing with Angie Brierheart


Integral Sound Healing  Sessions: In Person

In these hour long sessions you will be immersed into the potent and powerful vibrations of sound healing using crystal singing bowls.

In these challenging, yet exciting times of change and potential, I LOVE working with my clients and sound vibration to bring about balance, harmony and gentle transformation.

I have a deep commitment to providing you with the best possible experience on your transformational journey and honour your desire and courage to bring about balance, harmony and perfect healing for your mind, body and spirit.

Holding a space in which you feel empowered, motivated and committed to your personal transformation for wellbeing and growth, is a passion I am committed to.

Please do get in touch for an exploratory chat, to ask any questions and to book your session.

What is Sound Healing and How Does it Work?

Eastern spiritual traditions have used sound as a method of healing for over three thousand years.

Sound healing, also referred to as Sound Therapy or Vibrational Medicine, is the practice of using sound and frequency for mind, body, and spirit healing and wellbeing

Everything in the universe vibrates with frequency. Also known as resonances, we humans have our own vibrational frequency, and when our frequency becomes imbalanced we invariably manifest dis-ease at a mind, body and spirit level. Working with sound healing frequencies, we can bring our body,mind and spirit back into a balanced, healthy vibration.

What are the Benefits of Sound Healing?

Sound healing has the capacity to

* Slow down your respiratory rate 

* Relax your brainwave patterns 

* Lower your heart rate variability

* Calm your nervous system

* Release blocks in your subtle energy fields

Sound healing therefore has the ability to

* Reduce your stress and anxiety 

* Improve your sleep 

* Create a deep sense of wellbeing

* Promote healing that is both potent and powerful

* Balance your chakra centres

What can I expect in a Session?

Crystal singing bowls and Tibetan singing bowls are a beautiful tool for deep relaxation, healing and raising consciousness.

The sound vibration frequencies lower your rate of brainwaves from Alpha to Beta, to Theta, to Delta, 

* Beta waves dominate your waking state and take up a lot of your energy throughout the day

* Alpha waves create a peaceful resting state

* Theta waves induce a deeper state of relaxation and meditation

* Delta waves create a state in which profound healing can occur

In a session we will discuss

* What is present for you and any mind, body, spirit issues you wish to heal

* I will carry out a full consultation and chakra balance assessment

* You will then receive a sound healing session specifically in response to your unique and individual needs

* At the end of the session there is time given to discuss what arose for you and I share my findings and recommendations for follow up sessions and 'homework'

* After-care suggestions are also provided before you leave.

Small Group Sound Baths

Once a month I hold space for a Sound Bath immersion, in which you are invited to dream dive into your inner landscape and explore what is calling to you within a soundscape of crystal singing bowls.

The session includes a short guided meditation for setting your intention, followed by a whole hour of crystalline vibration alchemy, in which you will raise your frequency and be brought to a higher state of consciousness. I end my Sound Bath's with an invitation for you to share what arose during the dream dive, to be heard and witnessed and to hear others experiences, a beuatifully potent medicine

Cost £15 (£10 conscession) Please book your space here 

An invitation to the Sound Bath Immersion is sent out a week prior to the Sound Bath, Please go to Subscribe to receive my occasional Newsletter and dates for Play-shops and retreat days.

You may also like to gather your own group of friends/colleagues together for a private Sound Bath with me here at Spirals. You will need a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 8 people.

Please contact me through Subscribe in the usual way to enquire about a date and time that works for us both.

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