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Spirals Of Wellbeing Land Meditation

Updated: May 5, 2020

Imagine you are lying in a hammock, under a Wild Cherry tree and by a gently flowing stream. It is a beautifully warm day, the sky is a deep blue with Buzzards and Red Kites gliding high above you. All around you is the song of birds, flittering from Willow tree, to Oak, resting in the Hazel and Rowan tree's, then flitting again to the Alders, Blackthorn and Hawthorn. The intoxicating scent of Elder blossom fills the air as a soft breeze cools your skin. You breathe deeply, filling every cell in your body, your Soul sings with gratitude for the clean air, the silence, the stillness and the purity and healing energy of nature.

You let your eyes wonder across the woodland, seeking out the colours of the of wild flowers adorning the meadows; Pink Campions, Cellendine, Daisies, Buttercups and Dandelions. You leave the hammock to stroll barefoot through the grassy tracks. You notice the little tunnels in the tall grasses made by Shrews, Voles and Mice, the piles of fresh clay soil created by the Moles who venture out in the evening. You are drawn to a dome of living Willow, you enter and lay down on the soft turrets of moss and grass. You let your eyes close and begin to drift into a contented, restful sleep. Your sleep invites you to dream and vision the coming of night and the new delights nature will reveal to you. Of the pink, purple and orange sunset gracing the sky, slowly creeping into dusk. Of the Owls calling to each other across the valley, the Heron swooping along the stream, coming home to rest. You see in your minds eye a blue, black sky filled with stars and a bright shining full moon. The moon's energy seduces you with the desire to build a fire to sing and dance around the playful flames, creating it's own golden stars which float effortlessly up and up, disappearing into the magic of the night.

Waking from your dream, you sit a while to gaze at the majestic Oaks; you sense their ancient wisdom, their roots reaching deep down into the soil below. You feel grounded and connected to Mother Earth, the beauty, the nurturing and nourishment of Spirals Of Wellbeing.

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