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Menopause Wisdom - Ceremony and Sacred Space

Hello Dear Wild Wise Women

I was lying in bed last night feeling through a Shamanic practice I hope to soon share online with a group of women I am connected to, which then led me to thinking about my book (Re-Claiming the Crone) and that finally led me to my online monthly Circle, Menopause Wisdom. By the time I reached this particular focus I was deeply connected to the Otherworld, the veil had been lifted and all sorts of magic was pouring in.

That magic brought me into a space of remembering and reconnecting to the ways of our sister ancestors. Of how we naturally came together in ceremony, how we naturally created sacred space for our ceremonies and how we naturally, instinctively knew the importance of creating those spaces for our selves.

I have spent many years now holding such spaces and if you have read previous Blogs here you will know how much I have greived the loss of that in person interaction with other women. And you will also know that, as we have all learnt to do during this time of global initiation, I have adapted what I do.

My monthly online Menopause Wisdom Circle has been a nourishing space not only for the women who sit with me, but for myself too! Our conversations have been rich and healing for us all. As we move further into 2021, still with uncertainty, still with having to adapt or modify what and how we do things, I am being called more and more in my dreams and in my visioning to bring ceremony and sacred space into my life and work.

So, with that strong sensing I am changing the content of the Menopause Wisdom Circle. The focus will still be on sharing through curiosity, celebration, challenges and wisdoms but with the addition of ceremony and more consciously creating a sacred container.

I will hold the space as I do in my 'in person' Circle's.

There will be an opening meditation, a welcome and setting an intention. There will be music to dream and vision with, there will be silence and rest, we will share oracle cards and women's rune cards, there will be a ceremony of 'letting go of' and 'inviting in' and of course there will be a Talking Circle.

As changing women, as women who honour our cyclical nature, as women who embrace the pain as well as the joy, as women who have the courage to speak what needs to be spoken, as women who seek to create a loving world, we deserve being held in sacred space, we deserve the time and space to come together in ceremony.

So, I am excited and filled with a sense of hope and belonging as we approach March 9th and the next Menopause Wisdom Circle. If you would like to join me, please let me know to reserve your space.

With so much love

Brier xx

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