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Menopause Day

How might it be to talk about and raise awareness of the glorious initiation our menopausal journey can be on more than just one day?

Hmm, okay, so maybe some of me is pleased that we have a Menopause Day but most of me pushes against it.

I am not a fan of specific 'Day's or Month's' which are highlighted to celebrate, consider, be curious about a specific group of people. My feeling is that we have a responsibility to be celebrating, considering, being curious about people more than once a year.

As a post-menopausal woman, I don't want only to be thought about on one day of a year. During my menopausal transformation I needed to be consciously thought about on many days.

I also have a sense that when we bring a focus to a specific group as a 'one off' we actually run the risk of devaluing the very messages and changes we wish to share with and bring into the world.

Yes, attention needs to be brought to issues which continue to be sidelined and ignored, but does one day a year really achieve the changes we so long for? I would hazard a guess, that as we still have specific 'Day's or Month's' as a focus that, no, they do not.

So, what is the alternative?

Well, how about we have conversations about e.g. menopause on more than one day? How about we notice, learn and become response able for our ongoing personal growth throughout a whole year? How about, we all lean into raising our personal and collective vibration by consciously loving each and every human being and having compassion for what we may need as we each transition through our many initiations in life?

I know there are some wonderful gifts in bringing a focus to specific subjects, this is one of the reasons why I chose to write my book to give a voice to menopausal women. Wouldn't it be wonderful if menopause was as natural a topic of conversation as talking about the weather? What a difference there would be if history was more honestly written about and that we discussed those things that are still rarely spoken of, even on the one day in a year. I'm talking about herstory, the story of women who were burnt at the stake often because she was a wise woman, a Crone, a woman whose potency and power was a threat to patriarchal control.

My hope is that the initiation we are all in right now is leading us to co-create New Earth where individual days of recognition are a thing of the past and we are all honoured for being who we are every-day. First, we need to stay strong and focused so that we may find our way through this messy, painful, ugly bit we are currently navigating - the disintegration of the old. And actually, if we change this narrative, it is also an extremely exciting time to be in too.

I believe the more compassion and love we radiate out the more we are raising our vibration the more we are changing the narrative for a new paradigm. This I speak of in my new book and specifically how menopausal women access the very wisdom we need to make the changes our world so desperately calls for.

So, okay, it is Menopause Day today and I am about to release my book 'Menopause Wisdoms - Women's Stories of Becoming Crone'. I will then share with you my view about menopause by leaving you with an extract from my book and hope that you will be activated to take conversations for change out into the world every-day!

"The Menopause has been sold to us a negative phase of our lives for way too long. We have been fed the lie that when we reach our menopausal years we become 'less than', 'crazy', 'embarrassing', 'irrational', 'too much' to be around. We have been taught that our menopausal symptoms need to be got rid of, controlled at all cost and are regarded always as an inconvenience.

​It is little wonder then, that many of us are fearful of The Menopause.

That we fight against our hot flushes, our greying hair, our changing body, our feelings of loss, of grief and of rage.

That many of us feel diminished, invisible, lost and alone.

It is time then to change the narrative.

​Time for the negative perceptions, messages and images we have been taught and shown, to be dispelled.

Time to speak about our changes openly and with respect, grace and honesty.

I am here to let you know that actually, our menopausal years are an invitation to us, to step into our authority, our potency and our power.

If we were sitting together at the kitchen table, right now, with a cup of tea and piece of cake, I’d love to ask you how you are feeling as you begin this exploration into Menopause Wisdoms. I wonder where you feel you are on your menopause journey? What are your experiences so far? Perhaps, you are struggling with your own and others attitudes towards your transmutation and transformation. Or maybe, you want to pack your suitcase and run for the hills to find solitude and quiet?'

If you would like to talk about your own menopausal experiences, share your wisdoms and be in the company of other women navigating their changes you may like to join me once a month, every month!, for my online Menopause Wisdoms Circle. You can get in touch with me here for more details

Or you may like to have a chat about joining my new menopause immersions, details can be found here MENOPAUSE WISDOMS | Spirals of Wellbeing

I look forward to hearing from you

With so much love

Brier x

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