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Full Moon Magic

I have noticed recently, since the 'Lockdown', that the effect of the moon on my energy has changed. When I became post menopausal my most creative, dynamic and playful time was at the time of Dark Moon, which came as a surprise to me, because up until post menopause I had always wanted to retreat, be still and vision into my dreams and plans when the moon was dark. And what I also noticed was that the Full Moon felt overwhelming, the energy was frenetic, I had no focus or creativity.

However, over the last two months, this has all completely turned on it's head! The Dark Moon is once again calling me to retreat. I crave solitude and silence. I need to be gentle with myself and pay attention to nurturing and nourishment.

The Full Moon is nearly upon us for this month. This evening I stepped outside to gaze up the brightness and clarity of the moon. Her energy feels alive, vibrant, exciting. I have been energised already over the last few days, my 'doing' has been focused, creative, fun and positively charged with intention, and there's still 2 days until she is full!

I do wonder if this renewed energy is related to the collective energy of change in the world. Perhaps the unravelling, re-assessing, re-evaluating of our lives is reaching a point of alchemy. How wonderful it will be, if collectively we choose to let go of the madness of the energy sucking world that is so devastatingly destructive to humankind and Mother Earth and instead embrace the energy giving world. That is the world of reciprocity between humankind and Mother Earth. A world in which we attune to the cycle of the moon, to the cycle of the seasons to our own cyclical nature. A world in which the care, love and attendance to nature and to ourselves are of equal and primary concern.

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