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Winter Solstice Greetings

Hello dearest sisters and brothers.

In these days of 'not knowing', I am personally feeling comforted by the ancient Celtic celebration of the winter solstice.

This year solstice falls on December 21st when it will be the shortest day and longest night of the year; the celebration is about moving toward the light and rebirth, as after this date the days become longer, the nights shorter.

Traditionally, solstice is a time of coming together with friends and family to share feasting, music, dance and being in nature. It is the turning point between two cycles, a moment of standing at the threshold of a doorway into a new beginning.

At this time in our global experience of the unknown, of old ways falling away and of opportunity for a fresh, loving paradigm to emerge, the threshold is all the more potent. And because solstice is a also a time of looking back at what the year has shown us, 2020 holds much to be reflected upon.

Although this year we are unable to come together to celebrate, as new lockdown restrictions have just been re-introduced, we can still find ways to be joyful and welcome the turning point.

With Saturn and Jupiter creating a 'bright star' in the darkness of the sky on Monday, we could look to this as a provocation for making time and space to celebrate the solstice and new beginnings.

Here are some ideas you may like to use

* Watching the sunrise on Monday morning will connect you with the day, with nature, with the beauty of the endless dance between the earth and the sun.

* As you watch the rising sun, feel into an intention for the day, perhaps 'plant a seed' of a dream you have for the coming months. You may like to write your intention on a piece of paper and then bury it in the earth, or, if going outside is not possible for you at the moment, place your paper in a dark place within your home. The darkness is where all life begins, where seeds are planted to be nurtured and nourished, preparing for new creation.

* Be aware of how you physically move into and through the day. Slow your actions down, take time with whatever you do, whether it be e.g. dressing, cooking, speaking or walking. Bring grace into your body, feel your breath rise and fall, treasure each moment of hearing a bird song, feeling the wind blow, seeing the clouds moving across the sky, smelling the damp fertile earth.

* Bring light into your home to represent the coming of lighter, longer days. If you have a fire place, light a fire and sit and gaze at the dancing flames, share a story with someone you are with, or make a phone call and chat with a loved one about your dreams for a bright future. If you don't have a fire place, you could create a winter solstice altar and light some candles. Gather some leaves, foliage, fir cones, what ever nature is offering to you. If you are unable to go outside to gather, don't worry, a simple candle will bring a beautiful flickering light to gaze at.

* Winter is a time when we are naturally drawn to dreaming and visioning. Now more than ever, this energy is SO important for our individual and collective wellbeing. Solstice offers us a day in which to be intentional with our dreams and visions. While you are gazing into your fire or candles, spend time feeling into how you can intentionally make changes in your life; changes which will align you to your dreams and visions, to the song of your soul. Try and allow yourself to drop out of the energy of worries and fears and flow into the energy of hope, love and joy.

* Music, song and dance have always played an important role in solstice celebrations. Bring these qualities into your day and evening in what ever way gives you pleasure. It may be playing your favourite playlist and dancing around your kitchen. Perhaps going outside if you have access to a garden and banging a drum, shaking a rattle, whooping, calling and howling into the night, the stars and the moon. Move your body, fling your arms out and up, circle your hips, stamp your feet, shake and wiggle and giggle, have fun!

What ever way you choose to celebrate, it will be perfect for you. Know that what you choose is not just an intentional act of celebration, it is also an act of self care and love, gifting yourself nourishment and nurturing, essential for your mind, body and spirit wellbeing - especially right now.

I would love to know how you choose to celebrate, any insights that drop in for you, what your dreams and visions are for the coming new year.

And, if you are interested in exploring pathways to self care and love as we move into 2021, I offer a FREE consultation to chat with you about how I may facilitate you in aligning to the true nature of who you are. Please Subscribe here to get in touch and book your appointment.

Much love


PS If you want to see the bright star created by Saturn and Jupiter being close together, look into the sky at around 5.30pm, Lets hope for a clear night.

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