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Wilding Women Spring Retreat

Hello beautiful sisters I am thrilled and delighted to be sending you this invitation for us to come together and weave our wisdoms in the most potent, magical way, here at Spirals of Wellbeing next Spring.

How amazing that will be!

I know this because........

A few weeks ago I co-facilitated my first retreat here in many years. With my Unbound sister Nicola Humber, we held space to explore the books calling to be written through us, allowing ourselves to go to our wild edges in the most beautiful, transformational, joyous and healing ways.

I have been considering holding my own retreat for a while; the Unbound Writing Wilding Retreat above, confirmed for me that it was time, a YES to step once again into the alchemy of women spending sacred time together, away from distraction, so that we create a container for deep diving, for stirring the wise woman cauldron and as it turned out in the Unbound Writing Wilding retreat, for Dragon riding too!

I am beyond excited to be co-facilitating the Unbound Writing Wilding Retreat with Nicola again next year (open to women in The Unbound Writing Mastermind and Unbound Community).

In addition I will be holding my own Wilding Women Retreat - open to women who know me through my work and new women are very welcome to apply.

Below you will find the details of my Spring 2023 retreat , see how it lands for you, do take your time and if you have any questions I welcome your curiosity.

Wilding Women Retreat Friday 26th May – Monday 29th May 2023 A 3 day retreat for women

Who are choosing their inner authority to create her pathways, knowing the time of external authority is over.

Who wish to deepen their sense of belonging within their Wild Wise Woman inner landscape. Whose cyclical nature desires and knows the need for nurturing and nourishment. Who understand we are not just a part of nature and the cosmos, but that we are nature and come from stardust. Whose heart is calling for her to manifest that which makes her Soul sing Who know humxnity is at a cross roads and are choosing to step onto the Path of Renewal

Dearest sisters I do not use the words and phrases above lightly or without intent. I truly believe we, humxnkind, are being called to make our choice. Do we wish to continue to be dragged down a path of illusion, isolation, distraction and destruction or will we choose to co-create a path of creativity, awakened intuition, heartful kindness, fun, play and spirituality through renewal of our connection to Mother Earth and our higher consciousness? We are being prodded and poked to wake up and re-claim our true nature, so that we can once again walk lightly on this beautiful planet and live in balance.

My healing, soulful, heartful medicine is the land I live on.

Over the past ten years I have been honoured to be a guardian of the trees, the water, the earth, the creatures who I live with each day. Each year I have learnt a little more about what is required of me to live in true reciprocity with nature and her land spirits and how to embody and live what I learn each day.

In these challenging, changing times, my relationship with Mother Earth, spirit and the cosmos has been what enables me to see through the illusions and stay in Soulful, Heartful connection with the call to co-create New Earth.

When we become open to the beauty of this kinship , we see life through a lens of wonderment.

I always knew creating Spirals of Wellbeing was for a greater purpose than only my own healing. My vision always included an invitation to others to come and allow the land to weave her magic for their own re-membering.

The retreats I offer for individuals are now an integral part of my reality. And right now, in this time of global initiation, I strongly feel a call to once again create small group retreats in which to nurture our innate wisdom, our heartful joy and bliss, our intuition and the magic of sisterhood, a place from which we can all flourish.

Coming together in sisterhood creates powerful, potent medicine not only for ourselves but for all humxnkind and for Mother Earth. When we look to our inner authority we give ourselves permission to receive nurturing and nourishment, we resource ourselves, modelling to others how we can access and learn self-care and love and in so doing we are enabling and empowering us all to live in kindness, in joy, authentic to our true nature – that is – as inseperable from nature - because we are nature!

Wilding Women is a three-night retreat for Wild, Wise, Heartful, Soulful Women.

YES, this is YOU!

The invitation is for you to come and be in and of nature, to create spaciousness at soul level, for you to explore your wild wise edges and magic. To be curious about what is calling to you. To be still. To dance. To talk. To be silent. To sleep and dream deeply. To walk barefoot. To sit around a fire. To gaze in wonder at the sky, the stars, the moon, the land. To listen deeply to bird song, the humming of bees, the flow of the stream, the beating of your heart. To breathe fully, expansively, smelling the sweet scents of grass, wild flowers, the trees.

You will be guided to immerse yourself into the realms of the trees, the flowers and the little creatures; earth, air, fire and water; spirit guides and elementals: and to spend time within your inner landscape. You will invoke reverence and gratitude through calm, joyful, playful receptive energy for renewal, so that you may be present with your true nature and the Path you are choosing as we collectively co-create New Earth.

Friday 26th May – Monday 29th May 2023

The following is a guideline to give you a sense of what to expect. I work intuitively and respond to the needs and energy of the constellation of women who come together, so, some things may change. Friday Opening Ceremony – A Dream Circle Saturday Meditation /Morning Talking Circle/A Drumming and Sound Journey/Time to Be/Evening Talking Circle/A Fire Circle Sunday Meditation /Morning Talking Circle/A Wilding Woman Soul Dance/Time to Be/Evening Talking Circle Monday Meditation /Morning Talking Circle/Closing Ceremony Accommodation Ty Nos (cottage) - Super King Size Bed/kitchen, snug/shower room/wood burning stove/secret garden Moon Temple Yurt - Single bed/wood burning stove/outdoor kitchen on deck Willow Bell Tent – Single bed/Outdoor kitchen on deck/Fire Pit Wild Cherry Yurt - Dble bed/wood burning stove/outdoor kitchen on deck Blueberry Caravan – BOOKED


Food – veggie/vegan (organic whenever possible) Dietry requirements catered for.

Booking In respect for the land and for optimum experience of the land the maximum number of participants is 5. There are 4 places left Although this retreat is a year away, I ask that · you make an expression of interest by September 2022 · a firm booking by December 1st 2022 and a deposit of £100 by January 31st 2023.

. full payment by March 1st 2023

. please let me know if you would like to discuss a payment plan to enable you to join this retreat

You can book by contacting me directly at

Inclusive Costs Option 1: Ty Nos £730 Option 2: Moon Temple £700 Option 3: Blueberry Caravan £700 BOOKED Option 4: Wild Cherry Yurt £700 Option 5: Bell Tent £640

I can't wait to hear from you!

With so much love Brier

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