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Spirals of Wellbeing 10 Year Anniversary

Just as it was 10 years ago to the day, the sun is shining, the air is warm and I feel so joyful and grateful for being here.

I am sat outside on the house porch overlooking the middle meadow, down to the stream with the little bridge crossing over a threshold and am reminded of the thresholds I have crossed since being here. As with any threshold, stepping into an initiation of one kind or another, these presented challenges, disruption, disintegration, awakenings and without exception a deeper understanding of who and how I am on this beautiful planet Earth.

Spirals, the land, invites me every day to engage with all she offers; the trees, the stream, the multitude of living creatures I am blessed to share this space with, the changing seasons, each calling me to move through my days in connection with Mother Earth.

My heart feels full of hope seeing the willow, wild cherry, oak, downy birch, hazel hawthorn and blackthorn we planted ten years ago now standing strong and tall, coming into leaf, preparing for their displays of blossoms, nesting birds and busy buzzing bees gathering pollen. This is my legacy. This reciprocity of nurture and nourishment I exchange with nature, has healed my wounds and re-wilded my soul. I no longer yearn for something elusive, I found my place of being, of belonging when we landed here ten wonderful, magical years ago.

This evening I would like to sit around a fire down by the stream, close to the spot where Barley and I meditated together each morning, rain or shine. I miss her today of course, but she will sit with us later, her gift of pure joy and love lives on in cosmic energy, her stardust still spiralling magic.

So, I honour all that has been, all that is yet to come, knowing that it is all in this moment.

With love


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23 mar 2022

Beautiful piece ❤️

Me gusta
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