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Release date for my new book!

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

Greetings one and all, I am delighted to be sharing with you today not only the release date for my new book 'Menopause Wisdoms - Women's Stories of Becoming Crone' but also some updates on my Soulful Facilitation offerings.

So, fanfare of trumpets, banging of drums, jangling of bells and whooping to the moon - 'Menopause Wisdoms - Women's Stories of Becoming Crone', my second book to be published by Nicola Humber's awesome 'The Unbound Press', is to be released this October 31st -aptly the eve of Samhain.

I am SO excited and naturally somewhat anxious as the date approaches and my book is to be birthed into the world. The usual questions and doubts bubble up from time to time, 'Will people like it?', 'What if no one buys it?', 'Will people think I am an imposter or that what I write is rubbish?'

But what also bubbles up, and far more frequently than the doubts and fears, is the excitement, the passion for what I have written, the vulnerability I and the women who contributed to the book have allowed ourselves, in order to share our experiences and wisdoms to support other women on their journey. And I believe the timing of the release is perfect. Now more than ever, as we move toward New Earth, we are all being called to step over a threshold into our power and potency. We are being called to align to our Soul's purpose, to the true nature of who we are, to live once again in balance and harmony with Earth and one another. The alchemy of our menopause initiation invites us to journey to this point of balance and harmony. Our initiation activates us to strip away the old worn-out narratives about what is to become an elder, what it is to be a changing woman, what it is to be a powerful woman. As we re-write the narrative, we allow ourselves to awaken and open ourselves to the healing medicine of being cyclical, of being inseparable from Earth and the cosmos.

My intention for writing my book is to provide a container of sisterhood, to hold space for each woman as she journeys through her initiation, to share other women's stories as a collective voice of support and to offer ideas for creating practices of self-care and love to nurture and nourish her through her changes to become the Wild Wise Woman New Earth is crying out for. A world in which she will be welcome and valued and who others will find infinite joy and love in her medicine.

You can pre order your copy on the links below

Menopause Wisdoms - Sacred Spirals of Healing and Transformation.

To use in partnership with my book, I have created 'Menopause Wisdoms - Sacred Spirals of Healing and Transformation'. This will support women 1:1 online, who are journeying The Menopause. From those first early steps into a knowing that change is approaching, to the deep diving into disintegration, moving with love and compassion into our cave of solitude and finally rebirthing onto our pathway to Crone. It is a sister to the book, the intention being that each woman will experience her alchemical transformation held by the magic of the book and the online experience.

All women are welcome to apply to join, including women who have been on their Crone pathway for a number of years.

'Menopause Wisdoms – Sacred Spirals of Healing and Transformation' is an immersion into being a changing woman.

I have created the immersion to be led by our intuitive wisdoms, to allow flow, to attune to our cyclical nature and the moon phases, to connect to the loving energy, seasons and cycles of Mother Earth, and to the female archetypes, our ancestors and spirit guides.

You will learn the art of self-care and love, to listen deeply from your heart space, to honour all of who you have been, who you are and how you can journey awakened, aligned to your true nature, to your innate wild wise woman and to who you will become – a potent and powerful Crone.

I will share with you practices that supported me throughout my alchemical journey and those that I continue to use and create as I walk my Crone pathway such as journaling, understanding the messages in your dreams, energy healing, sound and movement, meditation, balancing your chakra’s, developing a relationship with your womb, living from your heart space, ritual and ceremony.

There are 4 cycles of immersion over a 12-month cycle.

Winter - December/January February

Spring - March/April/May

Summer - June/July/August

Autumn - September/October/November

You will be required to commit to at least one cycle and may sign up for more than one cycle or for all of the cycles.

In each cycle you will receive

* Three monthly1:1 immersion sessions.

* Three, monthly group sessions. This will be a closed group for women participating in the immersions and long-term members of my current Menopause Wisdoms online group.

* Prompts prior to each session (individual and group) to activate your curiosity and to begin your dive into the immersion.

* Suggestions for 'homework/play' after each session to encourage and support you to continue your explorations between each session.

Places will be offered on successful application – a conversation with me, online, to explore what it is you are seeking and if my work is aligned to what your Soul is calling you toward.

Cost £300 per 3-month cycle.

I welcome your expression of interest in joining the immersions, you can get in touch here

In Person Sessions

I will also continue to offer in person sessions of Sacred Spirals Healing at Spirals of Wellbeing. These sessions are an intuitive blend of Energy Healing, Shamanic Drumming Vibration and Journey, Crystal and Tibetan bowl soundscape, Voice and Deep Listening.

Cost is £60 for one hour or £45 for 45 minutes

I will be hosting a Wilding Woman Spring Retreat in 2023, for details, click the link below and go to

Wilding Women Spring Retreat post

Moon Circles

And finally, I will continue to offer my monthly Moon Circles in person at Spirals of Wellbeing.

In each Circle the invitation is to share what is present for you within, to rest and dream bathed in a crystal and Tibetan bowl soundscape, to journal your insights and the messages you receive, to close with sharing what has arisen whilst sitting in a held space of sisterhood.

The Circles are 6.30pm - 8.00pm

Cost £15

October Thursday 13th

November Thursday 24th

December Thursday 22nd

To book your place click the link below

I'd love to hear from to chat about any of the above, please do feel very welcome to get in touch

With so much love


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