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My work schedule is the call of the seasons.

I find it almost impossible to focus on anything other than the land when the sun is out. My whole body resists being inside, my energy and Soul pull me only to the direction of outdoors.

I attempt to schedule in time slots during a day in which to get posts or admin done and out, these attempts are sometimes successful, more often not. Attending group meetings will only happen if it’s in the evening and even then, if the sun is still out I feel the ocean calling me for a late summer day’s dip in the water and stroll on the sand.

Yesterday was rainy, so I chose to dive into my book and sort out what remains to be done to complete it and get it out into the world. And after I had done all I wanted to do I realised, that actually, I have been getting things done. But because the way I have been doing it also gives me great pleasure (walking meditations, sitting by the stream, growing food, harvesting crops...), I haven’t regarded it as ‘work’ and I haven’t acknowledged that what, how and when I ‘do’ does not have to be at a scheduled time or look a specific way or have a particular outcome. I also realised that the way I work is a direct response to all of the seasons, so of course it makes sense for me to work in the ways I do.

During my rainy day focus I looked through my journal and files and found I have in fact written more than I thought over the summer and because I have only written when I absolutely felt the call to do so, there are some wonderful gems amongst my notes and Blogs and posts to be drawn upon for my book if that feels right.

With the changing of the seasons drawing in (I love Autumn) I already feel in my body and energy and Soul my response to the falling leaves, golden light, shades of orange creeping in. I also feel the slowing, a time to reflect, to go inwards – and these are the qualities I need to bring my attention to completing my book during this season.

I said in an online group the other day during a sacred ceremony that I wanted to release feelings of inadequacy and invite in love and acceptance of all that I am. That release and invitation to myself has activated me to quietly and powerfully open to the gift of my deep connection to nature and the land I live on in direct relation to the creation of my book. How beautiful it is to experience these wonderful moments of perfect synchronicity that re-awaken us to the wisdom's we already hold.

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