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Woodland Sunset

So, Winter was long, challenging and stirred my mind, body and spirit into overwhelm!

I know from talking with many folk, wherever they live, that I was not alone in feeling discombobulated.

During the Winter of 2022, we were convinced we were moving to Portugal, in the Winter of 2023 our move was directed towards a small town or village, a complete life style change. We went so far as to look at several properties for sale in Shropshire and Herefordshire.

I had a tendency to over complicate things, to be in my mind to a point of overwhelm and leading myself further and further away from being in alignment with my Soul.

And then, as Spring began to immerge, with the bird song returning in all it's glory, with the trees slowly but surely sprouting green shoots, with the Daffodils and Primroses bringing colour to my daily life, I found myself relaxing, shifting into the energy of re-birth, seeing and feeling from a

renewed perspective.

The process of exploring change through Winter had enabled me to see and feel more clearly about what is important to me, to my family, and that what we have is all we need. More than that, we have what we visioned, what we manifested and what we continue to create with intention, always from a place of love. Simple saying it now but difficult to hold onto through dark, wet, muddy months!

So, as we began once again to settle into the flow and ease of life, to re-connect with the land and our love and gratitude for all that we have, I was able to clear the dust from my sleepy eyes and see that very little needed to change, other than letting some things go.

I have been immersed in learning and developing my sound healing skills, which is an ongoing delight, and which has guided me to shedding what no longer serves me. This in turn, has of course, created spaciousness to see and feel into what I wish to move forward with. Integral Sound Healing feels like the piece that has been missing for me. It is bringing all the work I have done for over 3 decades together, into a healing practice which feels harmonious, gentle, powerful and loving.

The transformation for clients I am working with has been truly beyond what I and more importantly, what they had hoped/expected/dreamed of. I would say with out doubt, that is due to the Integral Sound Healing process of

  • Engaging my clients to be active, committed participants in their healing journey

  • Connecting to unconditional love

  • Setting an intention as though it is already manifest

  • Receiving the alchemical crystal singing bowl sound vibration

Intention + Frequency = Healing

And that is exactly what has enabled me to be grounded, grateful and gracious moving forward into this year.

I have realised we do not need to change Ty Nos. Our gorgeous little cottage remains as the gem it is, offering folk like you a place and space to retreat and immerse yourself in the beauty, peace and tranquility I have always spoken of when referring to Spiral of Wellbeing.

One change we are making is offering my exquisite yurt as an additional self catering retreat space. This feels 'right', 'good' and aligned to Spirals. We already have the infra structure and we feel it is a more manageable option for us than running several catered retreats each year.

The Studio remains as our healing room where I continue to hold Circle's, Workshops and 1:1 treatments and, where my son Jake now runs his Holistic Massage Therapy business from.

Rob has created a space in the house for his immerging art business. His paintings are beautiful, magical (the image below is his latest piece), he has a real talent which he himself is now recognising. Life feels exciting again.

Already this year, as Spring sprung, we have welcomed some kindred spirits to Spirals. It felt so warming and comforting in my heart to have soulful conversations with our guests, to provide the spaces we have created and the sound healing practice which they flowed into with such ease and openness.

As always, the moment I stopped pushing and planning and putting pressure on myself to do or be more, life has become abundant with easefulness, balance and joy once more.

So I wonder dear kindred spirit, what is flowing in your life right now? How are you manifesting what you truly desire? Are you gifting yourself space to reflect, to sweep the dust from your sleepy eyes?

You know I always love to hear from you, and, if you are feeling the call to come or return to Spirals you are most welcome, I'd love to meet you or see you again.

With so much love


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