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Kick Off Your Shoes and Dance

How are you all doing? Are you feeling the edginess of these turbulent days or has Winter tucked you up in a cocoon of restoration and reflection?

The snow here last week and the frosty, frozen ground this week has been a beautiful interlude here at Spirals. My dog Barley has stayed relatively clean in the absence of mud, which has become crispy, crunchy underfoot, covered in ice, an endless source of joyful play. She joins me each morning down on the little bridge across the stream, where I greet the day with breathwork, song and meditation. I love how she senses my changing energy as I dive into stillness. She snuggles close to me, waiting patiently until I open my eyes and smile at her, both of us then ready to play.

And yet, even though I feel grounded and blissful in those moments, there is too an undercurrent of restlessness. I find I cannot sit still for long. As soon as I have finished something that has offered a focus I feel a need to move on to the next thing. I know what this and why this is, I am not berating myself for it, I just need to say it out loud - but I do not know what it is I need to say!

So, as I write this I can feel my energy twitching and shifting and nudging me to drop out of my head and into my body. Yes! That's exactly it, I need to move my body, to put on some sensual tunes and shake my booty, swirl and swoop, glide and groove. I need to loose myself in the music, surrender to my emotions, feel the flow of energy, express through motion, freely, unbound with pure pleasure.

Enough said.

Music on.

Let's dance!

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