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Full Moon Magic Love Letter

How are you feeling this Full Moon?

The last few nights here in West Wales have been crystal clear skies with a bright shining moon. I am hoping tonight I will be able to take a walk down to the stream, my path lit only by the radiance of the full moon. My intention is to sit, or perhaps dance in her energy to the music of the water and the calling of the owls, inviting in healing vibrations for my soul and the soul of Mother Earth.

This act of self care and love feels so important as in the last few days I have been feeling like I am in a wilderness. Having extracated myself from FB, I am now beginning a journey of discovery, attempting to find new ways of building community.

It may seem like an act of self sabotage to remove myself from a platform that enables me to stay in touch with people, particulary in these current times of isolation. But for me, it was time to leave. It is early days, and I am determined to ride through the discomfort of change.

As ever, I will listen with my heart and soul to the messages from Mother Earth, knowing she guides us all with the deepest love, nurturing and nourishment. Like all things in nature, transformation takes time. I am learning over and over that when we place our trust in what is authentic to ourselves and is aligned with the true nature of who we are, magic happens and dreams manifest.

So dearest soul sistars and brothers, seek out the moon in the sky tonight, take a walk outside if you can, breath the energy of the full moon into your cells and whisper a message of love and gratitude to Mother Earth for her infinite generosity.

May magic manifest for you this full moon evening, with much love


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