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Full Moon Howling

The 6 Elements of Self Care and Love Week 5 Full Moon Howling How is the full moon energy for you ? Does she pull you into excitement and activity? Or do you feel frazzled and weary? Are you able to drop into what the energy feels like and make decisions based on those feelings during your day? When the sun sets and the sky begins to darken, are you called to search out the moon above and bathe in her energy? There is no doubt in my mind and in my experience, that a full moon impacts on my energy, feelings and behaviour. Before I became Crone (post- menopausal) I looked forward to the full moon with anticipation of a flow of creativity, high energy and productivity. Even when the energy was super powerful and almost frenzied, I relished her gift of potency. The full moon energy reminds me of my wild, unbound nature, I feel embraced by nature, by the living breathing trees, the song of the birds, the flow of the water; all invite me to dance, to sing to create. As Crone, I generally prefer the dark moon energy now, but not always! In the last couple of months during Lockdown, I have been drawn to and enjoyed the full moon again. Creativity has bubbled and brewed, sleeplessness has given me space to write, meditate or enjoy thinking through ideas. My love of holding space for women has adapted to online offerings, deepening connections and finding new ones within a beautiful container of sharing the full moon magic. Ceremony, ritual, meditation and sharing bring us together in sisterhood, honouring one another, hearing one another, loving one another. We can too of course enjoy the full moon in solitude and actually, after holding space, I like to then spend time alone in union with the full moon energy. What-ever you feel drawn to do, is perfect, we are all still connected and supporting each other whether we are physically together, together online or on our own. Here are a few practices you may like to try on the next full moon. Take a walk outside, find a comfy spot to settle down and spend a while gazing at the glow of the moon. Have a journal and pen with you to write any thoughts that flow in. Create and altar outside or inside in honour of the cycles of nature, your own cycle and the moon cycle. Gather around a fire with your women friends, share story’s, sing songs, dance to the rhythm of drums. When the moment feels ‘right’ join hands, raise your arms up to the sky and moon and howl; howl for your sisters, howl for ancestors, howl for yourself! And then Howl some more!

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