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A Big Heart Full Thank You

Hello dear friend, how are you doing? Are you winding down or speedy up?

This time of year can pull us in both directions can't it and I don't know about you, I often allow myself to be pulled in the direction that is actually opposite to what I truly need!

The desire to socialise and be with friends over rides my mind, body and Soul calling me to slow and stop.

This year, just yesterday, I made a decision to cancel all social commitments over December!

I am recovering from yet another virus and I know on every level I need to rest.

It felt an important step in really honouring my inner wisdom.

I am sitting here writing this mid morning, still in my onesie, about to make a cup of tea and sit and watch the Blackbirds feast on the fallen apples. Nourishment for my Soul.

I have a pan of chicken stew on the stove, to be blended later into a wholesome soup. Nourishment for my body.

Sharing these few words with you, completing this years conversations. Nourishment for my mind.

So, I wish you what it is you need, what you desire as you move toward the completion of another cycle.

I am deeply grateful for you taking time to read my Blogs and sharing with me how they land.

I am deeply grateful for you coming to Spirals and sharing with me the magic of this land.

I am deeply grateful for you showing up for my monthly Wilding Woman Circles, dancing together, sharing what is present, resting and dreaming together.

I am deeply grateful for you trusting in what I offer.

Until next year, With so much love


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