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Finding Our Way Through Turbulent Times

Dearest Soul Sisters and Brothers

As we draw ever nearer to the end of 2021, I hope you have somehow found your way through these turbulent times, to weave your unique magic into the world as we move toward birthing a new Earth. Although I have been 'quiet' here for many months, you are often in my thoughts, as I too have been weaving my own magic; finding ways to invite in peace, harmony and love, ever hopeful that this strong initiation we are all in, will clear away the old worn out dysfunctional systems and structures, for a more balanced and harmonious existence.

Here at Spirals of Wellbeing it has been relatively easeful (but not always!) to stay connected to what really matters. For me, that is being held by nature, being in a reciprocal relationship with nature, deepening my understanding that it is Mother Earth who holds our lost wisdoms, who reminds us every day of the beauty and infinite possibilities we each possess at Soul level, if only we listen.

During these challenging times I have also found support and comfort through tuning in to Podcasts of kindred spirits. I have listened to the astrologer Kaypacha's 'The Pele Report' for many years. Astrology fascinates me and through listening to how we on Earth are impacted by the alignment of the planets has enabled me to unravel some of what is occurring in these days of disintegration. In more recent months I have also been listening to Pam Gregory. She too is an astrologer. I particularly like her optimistic outlook and belief that it is in how we respond to the energy and power of planetary alignments that can empower us to make the changes Earth requires of us. And then there is Dr Zach Bush. He is possibly the most beautiful, compassionate, loving human being I have ever come across. If you haven't yet discovered his wisdom, intelligence and kindness I urge you to take a moment to find him on You Tube and dive into what he has to say.

Of course, I do realise that we may have opposing views on what is unfolding and each of us needs to find our own way through it all. How we do this, I believe, will make a significant difference to our future. There is so much polarity, so much finger pointing, so much blame fuelled by divisive media and government rhetoric, which leaves us all feeling confused, angry and at times overwhelmingly fearful. The danger of this is that we are all led into being in a perpetual state of low vibration, disconnected to our sovereignty, unable to think for ourselves, lost from our innate ability to heal ourselves, blocked from our creativity, our joy.

There is one thing I learn time and time again. Listen to my intuition. When I listen to my intuition I am able to listen to my body, to my wisdom, to connect more deeply to Earth, to Source and therefore to my Divinity. I don't find this easy, I have to work at it, it takes effort and commitment. As I write this I am feeling unwell, possibly Omicron, and I am needing to bring myself back to my inner voice of calm frequently. With practice, in this place, I find peace, fear falls away and heartful, soulful energy raises my vibration opening me to invite in and let flow out - hope, love, compassion and kindness. Joy returns to my heart, my creativity flows, I feel healthier, I feel vibrant and abundant.

I know what future I want to call in.

So dearest Sisters and Brothers, may your dreams be fantastical, may your days be magical, may your relationships be loving, may your creativity flow, may your life be abundant.

With so much love


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