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Feminine Rising

The poem I share with you below is to take us through the end of 2020 and into 2021. I wrote it several weeks ago when I was inspired listening to the voices of women who are healing the witch wound. I was filled with hope and excitement feeling into the vibration of such a strong and beautiful collective message.

For me, the collective energy of hope is rooted in the 'feminine rising', women and men rising together to shape a new world. A world I vision, as being compassionate, loving, creative and inclusive as we all eventually re-claim and re-wild the true nature of who we are.

Today I found myself shedding grief with tears during my morning ritual of connecting with Mother Earth and the land spirits. I was so grateful to be held by the spirit of the trees and earth, reminding me of the magic of cycles and that this too shall pass.

For the past few days, since our third lockdown here in Wales, my body has felt restless, I have not been able to fall easily into sleep and my dreams have been full of discord.

Both my womb and my left breast (see previous Blog posts) have called to me again to pay attention to my inner world, to have courage and be with the not knowing as more of the 'old ways' shift and crumble.

So dearest sisters and brothers, I wish you well and courage in these shape shifting days, I send you love and big hugs and look forward to connecting with you all again in 2021.

Sisters rising

Weaving our magic

Casting our spells

Creating pathways of infinite wisdoms.

We are together, stronger, potent, unbound, powerful.

We are finding our way out of the gagging

Clearing our throats, rooting our bodies

Holding one another

As we shake and quake, rage and roar

Volcanic heat surging through our blood

‘No more, no more, now it will end’.

Our voices resonant, cutting through the

Sterile, linear, cold, life loathing patriarchy.

We women, we witches, we crones

Rise up from out of the earth, from the beautiful life-giving dark

Where we have been nurtured by the Great Mother

Nourished by her transformative love.

Now our roots are anchored

Now we reclaim the burning and the drowning

As a re-birth from the elements.

Come sisters,

Come brothers of the feminine rising

Rise with us, rise together.

Embrace and embody the beauty and the pain to know

You are alive

You are Divine

You are the earth, you are the water, you are the air, you are the fire

You are the trees, the mountains, the birds, the oceans

You are Wolf, you are Horse, you are Owl, you are Bear.

Rise up sleepy ones, rub the dust and debris from your eyes

Blow the waste and clogging from your ears

Tune your senses to the flow of the stream, to the breeze in the air, to the song of your soul.

Taste the gift of the berries from the bush

Smell the magic of nature’s cycles in the decaying leaves of Winter.

See in the dark your invitation to rest and vision

Dream of a new way.

Snuggle down, pull the blanket of night deep into your womb.

Breathe deeply to the rhythm of Mother Earth’s heart

Hear her sigh, hear her whisper ‘Welcome dearest one’s, welcome, you are coming home’.

Do you see them now?

Can you feel them, sense them?

We have risen from the earth with them

They are walking out from the forests and the woods

Dressed in their passion and their blood.

We are walking together

We are sisterhood

We are the Witches, the Healers, the Midwives, the Crones.

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