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Dark Moon Dreaming

In the last of my ‘The 6 elements of Self Care and Love’, I want to share with you the gift of stopping, reflecting, visioning, and dreaming at the time of the dark moon.

It has been an act of honouring our female cyclical nature for many hundreds of years, to gift ourselves stillness and rest when we menstruate, and this is often at the time of the dark moon. Women have created spaces to come together to celebrate our menstrual blood, to share our insights from dreams and visions and to receive wisdom from the elders of our community.

Naturally, we don’t always bleed at this time and of course we all come to the point when we no longer bleed at all. But, the dark moon continues to invite us to enter into a state of ‘other worldliness’ and offers us her potent and magical energy to ‘work’ with.

Whether you choose to join a Women’s Circle, a Red Tent or spend the time alone, the dark moon energy creates a feeling, a sense of going inward. When we allow ourselves to follow this feeling, we allow an opening to a deeper connection to our intuition and to our instinctive wild woman self.

During menopause, I found a profoundly deep connection with the dark moon phase. I began to drop into stillness, quiet and reflection with ease and great pleasure. My creativity flowed in a completely different way to what I had been used. Gifting myself time in the day or night to follow my creative flow felt beautiful and aligned to the song of my soul.

I have found it too to be a time to let go of what no longer serves me, to say goodbye to old, worn out false beliefs. I choose to do this through various practices, sometimes meditation, sometimes journaling, often ritual or ceremony or sharing in Circle with other women - to be heard and witnessed being powerfully healing.

This last dark moon, before falling into sleep, I intentionally asked my Guides, Power Animals and Angels to be with me through the night within my dreams.

The following day, I was busy and pleasantly distracted by what needed to be done. By late afternoon I began to slow, I needed to eat and stop, gather myself into a stiller energy. As I did so, the following flowed in


Today my friend said goodbye as he set off to visit his dying mother. I was reminded of all the years we have known each other, how we have laughed in the best times and consoled each other in the hard times. How we have overcome anger and forgiven to find kindness and compassion in our words and actions. How we know our love for one another is authentic and valued.

Today I walked through meadows full of soft cream coloured flowers, so sweetly scented I was intoxicated by their beauty. I came to the river edge and rested on the stony beach, watching fish jump to catch insects and splash back down into the clear fast flowing water. I threw stones for my dog Barley to dive for and sat in quiet love with my husband, who told me I am beautiful. All my senses were alive, Mother Earth was holding me in her gentleness, my wild woman threw open the doors of freedom, expression, unboundedness. I took my husbands hand in mine and we walked on, following our instinct.

Today I pulled dry branches from a pile left to season over several years. The wood snapped easily as I grew my new pile, ready to use as kindle. I threw an occasional piece for Barley to fetch and then delight in chewing and spitting out threads of bark. I stood still for a while, feeling the warm sun on my body, noticing the cloud formations drifting across the valley, listening to the rustle of leaves as the breeze made it’s way through the tree’s. I was filled with gratitude for the abundance of Mother Earth, for the gifts she offers us, for the connection we have in each and every day.

Today I talked with my son about the ultrasound scan he needs and is having tomorrow. I listened deeply to what he said, I watched his body language closely, I tuned in to his energy – my Mother Love overflowing for him. I recalled all the moments through his childhood I had held him in my arms and kissed his peachy soft cheeks. I held him again. Mother Love is eternal.

Today I danced with my shadow, my actual shadow, cast by the sun. I saw my hips sway and rotate, my arms reach for the sky, my fingers twist and turn with the rhythm of the music and the song of my soul. I delighted in the playfulness, my sensuality, the joy of being in the moment.

Today I watched my husband make copper hinges for a gate I have made out of branches from our tree’s. It now stands as a threshold into the Secret Garden, a gateway through which you discover the magic and beauty of the land. I smiled from the experience of creating in partnership, effortless, enjoyable, fun and deeply satisfying.

I took a breath and turned my focus to my Guides, Power Animals and Angels, I told them

‘Today has been a wonderful day, for which I am so very grateful’.

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