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Curl Up and Simply Be

The Winter Solstice has arrived again, in the wonder full and endless cycle of life. This is the time of the shortest day and longest night of the year in the Northern Hemisphere. Winter calls us to rest and be still, to go into the darkness and surrender to what ever is bubbling in our cauldron and to the unknown. Winter Solstice reminds us that from the dark, life is born - a celebration of death and re-birth. So, Winter Solstice is also a time to celebrate the return of longer days, as natural light slowly but surely stretches toward Spring.

I experience Winter Solstice as a beautiful invitation to retreat into the dark, to spend quiet, still time in reflection, dreaming and visioning. All lights are switched off, in their place, soft candle light illuminates my 'cave'. Perhaps my drum will call to be drummed to the gentle rhythm of Mother Earths heart beat, drawing me closer to her wisdom, connecting me deeply to nature, to the cycles of life, to be in the womb of the cosmos.

I imagine roots growing out from my root chakra, down my legs, through my feet into the earth. I feel my roots anchoring me, grounding me in the nourishment of Mother Earth's love, receiving the gift of re-newel. As the energy rises up through my roots, up through my body, into my crown and out into the cosmos, I feel the energy bringing me into loving relationship with all that is.

With Christmas just around the corner, which is often such a busy, hectic, demanding time, we can feel like we are being pulled in all directions, trying to please everyone and be upbeat and energetic.

How might it feel then to embrace the energy of Winter Solstice, to take a breath, stop, close your eyes and sink into darkness?

What small gift can you create for yourself today to 'be' rather than 'do'.

Perhaps run a bath, turn off the light, use a candle to illuminate the space, watch the flickering flame, see the shadows and movement as an expression of within.

If you can, light a fire, make a 'nest' and snuggle down, do nothing, be in rest.

How might it feel to surrender into death and vision the coming of re-birth?

What ever you choose, may this Winter Solstice bring you peace, hope and love in connection with your Soul, with Mother Earth and with the cosmos.

With much love


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