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Changing Your Mind is OK!

It has always seemed very odd to me that at the age of 16 and 18 we are required to make choices about what we want to do for the rest of our lives. We are given advise about what subjects to pick in order to steer us into a direction for mapping out our career, effecting every aspect of our life.

I had no idea what I 'wanted to be' at age 16 or 18. I knew I didn't want to be stuck in an office typing (my mum suggested being a typist would always keep me in work), which is funny really because years later in my 40's, I was spending a lot of time in an office, on the computer and in endless meetings!

I have done lots of different jobs over many years from being an Actor, a Vet's Receptionist, a school Classroom Assistant, a Drama Teacher, a Theatre Dresser, a Designer Jeweller, an Inclusion Outreach Worker, Inclusion Manager, Holistic Massage Therapist, Reiki Practitioner, Soulful Facilitator, which brings us up to date!

And although I have found it odd about sticking to one thing, over many of those years of switching jobs, I struggled with an internal voice poking at me "why can't you stick at one thing,why do you keep changing your mind?"

Now, I can see clearly why I changed my mind many times and continue to do so. I was responding to who I was at any of those given moments. Who I am has, of course, shifted, flowed, bent, broken, healed, expanded, evolved; I am not the same woman I was in my twenties, thirties, forties and especially my fifties.

Approaching being 60 in February 2021, my fifties have been the most transformative and expansive years of my life. I have awakened in ways which have shown me that is absolutely, totally, completely OK to change my mind, this has been the gift of the alchemy of Menopause.

Nowadays I enjoy waking up in the morning and thinking (for example) "I don't want to rent the Cottage out for holiday lets", even though I have only just reopened. Making that decision has activated my creative juices and led me to dreaming into how I want to offer my Soulful Facilitation through Re-Wilding Retreats. The retreats keep me connected to my love of and gratitude for the land I live on; Mother Earth, working with women and creating beautiful, healing spaces is what opens me to life force energy.

We are too in an incredible point of change in the world. 2020 has challenged me in ways I thought were done and dusted! I've been called to do more inner work, challenged to stay connected to the call of my heart and Soul.

Allowing and welcoming change as an opportunity for expansion keeps me, not only grounded (3D human reality) but also more deeply connected to my 'higher self' (5D spiritual experience). Now, more than ever, if we can enjoy the 'mystery' and the 'not knowing' we can shift, flow, bend, break, heal, expand and evolve with the new earth rising.

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