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Being in Balance

There is so much talk right now about the feminine rising, I speak of it myself often. It is after all exciting, hopeful, looking to the future with different perspectives. And, the feminine is in us all, however we gender identify, or not.

The world needs the rise of feminine qualities, right brain function, creativity, compassion, flow, vision. But not at the expense of left brain function, the masculine qualities of logic, analysis, organisation. One without the other is unbalanced, we know this from the disasters that the overpowering masculine energy of the partiarchy (from men and women) has manifested.

Swinging from one overbearing energy to the other will not bring about the changes essential to the wellbeing of humanity and to Mother Earth.

So how do we create balance? How do we even know when we are out of balance as an individual? How will we know when we are in balance?

I learnt from past experience that being out of balance leads to depletion and often depression. For many years, I thought, I had stood firmly in my masculine energy to fight battles for my daughter within the education system. Whilst writing my second book, Menopause Wisdoms, I had a deeply healing download when speaking about balance of our feminine and masculine qualities. I realised as I shared my thoughts and experiences, that infact, in all the years I wore my Inclusion Warrior armour I was actually functioning from my feminine qualities, such as compassion, interconnectedness, flow, love.

But I was working within an overbearing masculine oriented environment, I was fighting battles to change the patriarchal systems which were discriminating against my daughter and all other children labeled as 'disabled'. I burnt out. I felt lost. I began to give up.

That was many years ago.

How did I find balance? How do I know when I am in balance?

Interestingly, I was given a very simple answer to these questions whilst listening to a summit a few months ago. I registered for this particular summit because the wise woman who facilitated my healing pathways over five years, was speaking. Her subject matter was how she works with women to reclaim their feminine energy. It is the work I dived into in her magical Circle's for women.

She described the Circle's she holds, the process she takes to manifest her beautiful spaces.

As she spoke I realised, because I too hold space for women, that it is exactly that process of creating and holding space which brings me to a place of balance whilst facilitating other women to also come into balance.

Facilitating a Circle requires both masculine and feminine qualities, left and right brain thinking. I need to plan and organise in order to create the space I want. To invite women, to set times and dates, set up systems for payment. Left brain, masculine energy. And. I want my invitations to be appealing, attractive. The space to be beautiful and welcoming. The atmosphere to enable deep listening. To create a space in which women feel encouraged and held so that they in turn can express their creativity, enquiry, vulnerability. Feminine right brain energy.

As the wise woman described just such a process it seemed so obvious that being a facilitator of Circles is indeed a process requiring a balance of the masculine and feminine energies.

I was delighted! 'Of course' I said out loud as I listened and my body vibrated with my Soul being in alignment with my desires and passions for what I manifest.

Since this revelation I have been more aware and therefore more able to check in with myself, asking which energies am I aligning with? Is there an imbalance? Which energies am I blocking or missing? Which energies is the person or people I am interacting with aligning to?

I have found this inquiry into my feminine and masculine qualities fascinating, revealing and healing. I wonder how it may feel for you to explore your own balance/imbalance? Are there aspects of your life in which balance flows without effort? What situations are more challenging or triggering?

I'd love to hear what this exploration brings to you.

With much love


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