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Are you asking for what you need?

Provocation. When will you speak your Truth? Next month? Next week? Later today?

Or how about right now!

Truth - speaking your Truth, stepping into your Truth is an act of what I term as 'Self Care and Love'. It is making a choice to cut through the games and falsehoods, to stop posting the 'I'm so happy' posts as a shield to your pain, the pain which cries out for change.

Trying to hold on to the sides of a sinking ship will continue to pull you under.

Let go

Let go and feel your body float as the sinking ship slowly disappears.

Take your first intentional step onto a pathway of self care and love: step over the threshold - enter the portal - and focus and centre on what you want and need.

Meet your Shadows as they come knocking on your door, welcome them all, invite them in, get to know them, get to know them really well - there are potent wisdom's to learn from them.

Be courageous, meet your vulnerability, welcome her too with open arms, she will delight you, she will offer you insights and strength that will serve you time and time again.

Ask yourself, 'What do I need right now?'

If your answer is 'I don't know', have a conversation with your vulnerability, invite your Shadows for a cup of tea and then ask again 'What do I need right now?'

It is time.

Say farewell to the hurting and the depletion of living outside of your Truth.

Be brave dearest one, you already know your Truth.

It is time

To step into your Truth.

Time to speak your Truth.

Be gentle with yourself and others as your changes take shape; not everyone will want to hear Truth, many though are longing to hear Truth.

Self care and love will hold you through your menopause years as a journey of alchemy as you move, dance, breath to the song of your Soul and the true nature of who you are.

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