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WildingWomanSpells - New Instagram Account!


So, for those of you who know me even a little bit, you may be suprised to know I have opened an Instagram account, which in all honesty - I am REALLY excited about.

I had a few teething problems, including being banned (to do with email/name use) which stopped me in my tracks and I shelved the idea of raising my profile through Instagram.

And then, this morning a dear friend popped over for a cuppa and a catch up, and the conversation came around to my bannishment.

She instantly and gently offered her help and we found our way into my account, still banned, but we changed my Password and an appology came through, I was in!

My friend went on to patiently explain to me how Instagram works and showed me some examples of how and what people post. I rather liked it.

It feels in this moment Instagram is going to be a good fit for me, with an intention of raising my profile to get my work out into the broader world.

I know what is new to me , is very old news for many, and a small part of me feels a little awkward making a fanfare and expressing how excited I am. But, I have acknowledged the awkardness (shame perhaps?) and chosen to share anyway, because I know at Soul level this is an important step for me.

It is a step that is saying 'what I do, what I create, what I offer is worthy of MORE people seeing, connecting to, and resonating with.

I am an advocate of change. I experience change as a magical process of creating spaciousness for growth. For me, change stirs up stagnant waters, clears cloudy skies, pathes a way for creativity.

And I have been extremely creative over the past few weeks, the spaciousness I am feeling has made way for the change to occurr. I have sat for a long time with the question 'how do I get my work out to people and not compromise myself? The creativity I am experiencing right now does not deserve to become stagnant, to be unseen, unaccessed.

This breakthrough, I believe is directly linked to another breakthrough I had a few days ago in relation to my next book. Having shared a piece of writing within The Unbound Writing community I belong to, the following day the title of my next book flowed in - The Wilding Woman's Book of Spells. Different sections of the book became clear, layout became clear, purpose became clear.

From that, the name of my Instagram account became clear.

I thought at first using Spirals of Wellbeing made sense, however, someone in the States is already using it. With my friend to hand (thank you SO much Liz), I tried out a couple of other names, another already being used, a third not quite right. And then I connected in with my book and WildingWomanSpells was birthed. Perfect!

At long last I have a platform I feel will serve me and the people I so very much want to reach. I can share images of Spirals land, share the writing, the spells, that flow from my connection with the land.

It all feels so simple now that I've taken the step.

One last thing. I am also sharing this piece of news with you to ask for your help. If you enjoy my Blogs and the work I offer, I would be so grateful if you would go to my account and Follow me.

There are no posts today, I intend to spend some time on Monday creating the first one.

with so much love


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