Re-Claim and Re-Wild

the True Nature of Who You Are

Spirals of Wellbeing

 Pathways to Self-Care and Love

Honouring my Sisters

Let me hold this space for you,

I am holding space for you.

I will witness you

I will honour your courage.

My tears will fall and flow with yours

You are not alone dearest one.

Look behind you

You will see them all

Your sisters, your ancestors standing strong

Hand in hand, in hand in hand.

Let us catch you as you fall

We are holding space for you.

For your rage, your pain, your grief

For your undoing, your searching, your discovering.

We will dance with you around the fire of your disintegration

We will enter the cave with you and hear your wailing

your laughter and your joy.

We will lay naked with you

As you crawl, re-birthing from the Earth.

You are reclaiming that which was stolen from you my love

You are rewilding the true nature of who you are