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Re-Claim and Re-Wild the True Nature of Who You Are

Honouring my Sisters

Let me hold this space for you,

I am holding space for you

I will witness you

I will honour your courage

My tears will fall and flow with yours

You are not alone dearest one

Look behind you

You will see them all

Your sisters, your ancestors standing strong

Hand in hand, in hand in hand

Let us catch you as you fall

We are holding space for you,

For your rage, your pain, your grief

For your undoing, your searching, your discovery

We will dance with you around the fire

Of your disintegration

We will enter the cave with you

and hear your wailing

your laughter

your joy

We will lay naked with you

As you crawl, re-birthing from the Earth

You are reclaiming that which was stolen from you my love

You are rewilding the true nature of who you are


White Branch
White Branch

Nicola Humber Author and Soul Mentor

How do I describe the Rainbow Bridge Chakra meditation sessions? I don't really feel I can put them into words! When I saw that Angie was offering this series of meditations, I just knew that I had to be part of them and I'm SO glad I did.
Although I've done a fair amount of work with the chakras before, Angie holds such a powerful and gentle space and each mediation felt like a unique and magical experience. I connected with the different chakras in ways I hadn't before and this has deepened both my own mediation practice and my connection with my body. I highly recommend the process to anyone who's feeling called to it.
Thank you so much Angie for providing such a much-needed offering in these transformational times. 

White Branch

Fran Woodcock Muscian and Mentor

Hi! 2 years ago I came to you and hand a mind blowing womb healing where I allowed myself to imagine for the first time having a baby growing inside me after years of never allowing that thought as I believed it would never happen.

A year and a bit ago I came for a womb weekend retreat and did lots more healing and from that weekend have had regular periods for the first time in my adult life, and felt my mind and body was preparing for my next stage of life.

I then met my match in a human being who is able to love me like I love him and that’s a massive breakthrough in my life after always being emotionally unavailable to people, repeating my past patterns.

We fell in love so profoundly and both wanted the same thing in our lives! To have a loving partnership and a family. And 14 weeks ago we made our very own long legged baby!!!

We are over the moon and I can’t thank you enough for being part of a journey I never thought I’d have! Thank you for sparking my womb and helping facilitate the healing it needed to do to become a home for this miracle to grow in! I look forward to introducing you all to him/ her next summer!!!

White Branch

Alison Roe Writer and Creatrix

Angie is a sensitive, thoughtful and wise guide who holds a potent space of exploration and healing. My embodied connection to my chakra centres is much stronger and shifts are occurring regularly in the energetic and creative flow between mind, body and soul. Since completing the series, I am able to focus love, attention and energy into the places it needs to be to overcome challenges and blocks using the energy, colours and qualities of individual and combined chakras. This has helped me begin to break down some overthinking habits and to reduce striving and pushing in my life. I’m feeling more connected, energised and aware since experiencing the Rainbow Bridge meditations. I loved them! 


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