Dark Moon Dreaming

Each month, at the time of the Dark Moon I hold a

Dark Moon Dreaming Circle for women.

The phase of the Dark Moon is a time when we are naturally drawn to going inward, to Dreaming, to Visioning, to being still and being in silence.

But, in our busy lives we often forget to stop and we carry on regardless of what our Body, Mind and Soul is calling us to pay attention to.

Dark Moon Dreaming is then, your call to honour, nurture and nourish yourself with time and space to simply be.

In Circle I will guide you through Meditation, Shamanic Journey, Stillness and Silence.

Dark Moon Dreaming closes with a Talking Circle, an empowering practice, where each woman is gifted the opportunity to say what needs to be said, to be listened to and witnessed by other women. This is beautifully powerful and potent.

World Wide Full Moon Womb Blessing

Five times a year I hold Circle for Miranda Gray's World Wide Full Moon Womb Blessing, in February, May, August, October and December.

As a Moon Mother, I hold the space and guide you through The Womb Tree Meditation and Blessing, Shared Meditation and additional seasonal Meditation.

There are over 220,000 women World Wide, with whom we sit, to receive the Blessing energy. It is both beautiful, potent and deeply connecting to our global Womb Wise Sisterhood.

This Circle offers you a time and space to awaken to your innate womb wisdom, your intuition and belonging to a community of love and the Divine Feminine.

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