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One to One Soulful Facilitation - online and in person

These sessions are created specifically for each individual after an initial consultation to discuss what you are seeking. Sessions may include:- meditation, exploration through energy work, Shamanic Journey, Chakra work, ritual, ceremony and practices created in response to what arises.

Cost £60

Moon Mother® Offerings

My Moon Mother path is one of service and devotion, followed in accordance with the Moon Mother Code of Practice.

I am a Moon Mother a healer, a priestess, a coach, a companion and a celebrant for women on their journey through life. I took the Moon Mother initiation personally from Miranda Gray in 2013. This raised me to the high vibrational level required for me to give the transformative Feminine Energy Awakening Attunement (also called the Womb Blessing®) in person.

The Moon Mother initiation is a Priestess or Master initiation activating channels for the healing and awakening energy of both Mother Earth and Moon Goddess.

Moon Mother's embody the cyclical, energetic flow of the feminine or goddess archetypes.

The Attunements and Blessings outlined below offer a deeper, more profound healing and awakening as they are focused on the specific needs of the woman receiving.

It is a beautiful personal relationship with the Divine Feminine and a merging with Her energy. Each energy attunement builds on the previous one, and is given in person through a series of hand positions and breaths. It is a path of personal development and can be received up to once a month. 

Womb Healing - Distant/Online or In Person 

Feminine Energy Balancing.

I give this supportive hands-on energy or distant treatment which works specifically to restore, heal and balance the three main female energy centres and the four female archetypes.

This gentle, but powerful, stand alone treatment can be used to support the integration of a Feminine Energy Awakening Attunement (Womb Blessing) or as a way to build up to the activation itself.

Whether you are still menstruating, peri menopausal or post menopausal a Womb Healing is a beautiful gift of self care and love.

COST £45 

Womb Blessing - In Person 

Feminine Energy Awakening Attunement (Womb Blessing®)

This transmission activates the four feminine archetypes within the Cauldron (womb/belly) energy centres. This means transformation and unfolding takes place at the level of everyday expression and in physical life.

It is an awakening to life.

I am able to give this transformational attunement as a way to raise a woman's vibration, deepen her connection to the Divine Feminine, and bring healing and sacredness to her femininity.   Receiving a personal Womb Blessing from a Moon Mother can be deeply healing, a stress relief, part of a rite of passage, a coming home to who you are, and as a facet of an ongoing path of personal or spiritual development. 

A Womb Blessing is perfect for you, if you are feeling a calling to

awaken to or deepen your relationship with your womb, the  energy of the Divine Feminine and your potency of being a Wild Woman.  

As you open to receive the healing energy of the Divine Feminine you are supported to connect with your innate womb wisdom, your ancestral sisters and Mother Earth, releasing old unwanted patterns as the energy flows through the four female archetypes.

The Womb Blessing is beautifully gentle, yet also powerful and potent;

you may feel strong emotional, physical and spiritual shifts 

as you open to your true nature and a sense of well-being and balance.

COST £55

Wild Woman Pathways

Re-Wild the True Nature of Who You Are

Receiving nurturing and nourishment from others is an essential step in creating your pathways to self care and love. Scheduling time and space to focus on your needs is an act of honouring the amazing woman that you are and helping you to stay well in your body, mind and spirit. 

How and what you receive does not need to be static, you may choose a variety of gifts for yourself aligning with what you want in relation to where you are in your female life cycle can optimise the impact of your chosen gift.

Have a look at what sessions I offer and see what resonates. 

I would love to chat with you about what you are drawn to and we can take it from there!

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