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Wild Woman in Flow With The Cosmos

Wild Woman In Flow With The Cosmos Retreat 24th - 27th May 2024                          

Facilitated by Anna Bromley and Angie Brierheart. 

Held in the loving arms of Nature, we will be bringing through inspiration and healing from our dreams; shamanic journeying on how to be in Flow; taking a crystalline soundscape journey to retrieve the gifts of our chakras and weaving it all into a dance of connection with Mother Gaia and the Cosmos.


This 3-day retreat provides the perfect space in Nature to immerse yourself in the deepest wishes and guidance of your soul, and learn the wisdom of your dreams to help you dance into your Wild Woman in Flow with the Cosmos.


You will be deeply held by the nurturing magic at Spirals of Wellbeing, a magical place of creativity, nourishment, and healing, held within this land’s beauty and love. Nestled into a lush green valley, Spirals offers peace and tranquillity within 10 acres of woodland, meadow, stream, and wild pond, inviting you to lose yourself, find yourself, love yourself, to be all that you are and dream into what you wish to manifest.

Will you join us?

Over the nights and days, you are invited to connect ever more deeply with what is coming through your dreams and guidance as you:-

  • Uncover the wisdom, healing and inspiration brought through your dreams

  • Connect more deeply with your Guides in Nature

  • Connect with the gifts of the land and discover the messages she wishes to share with you

  • Enjoy a crystalline soundscape journey through the chakras to activate your wild cosmic flow

  • Walk barefoot in the meadows and stream

  • Listen to birdsong, the stillness, the air in the trees

  • Sit under the canopy of willow tree domes

  • Feel at one with the wild creatures of Nature

  • Dream into your wild edges

  • Eat nourishing organic food

  • Sit in circle to share insights, dreams, challenges, inspiration, fears and celebrations

  • Drum around a fire under the stars – use the fire’s transforming magic to let go of all that holds you back

  • Embody your Wild Cosmic Flow within a Dream Weaving Dance​​


Be prepared for the alchemy of Spirals to weave her earth energy deep into your Soul!


Your hosts for the this retreat are


Angie Brierheart






Anna Bromley









We invite you to

Come and nurture your wild woman cosmic flow

Come and lay down the distractions of everyday life

Come and witness and embody what arises as you unravel from busy-ness

Come and rest

Come and open to receive the unconditional love & gifts of Mother Earth.


Suggested Schedule (Although arrival and departure times are set, the schedule may change depending on the needs/desires/constellation of the group)

DAY 1.

Arrival from 4pm 

6pm Welcome Dinner 

8pm Introduction and Opening Ceremony

Brief overview of what we will be covering in the retreat.

Introduction to working with your dreams – setting intentions and dream incubation, to get the dream juices flowing for the weekend.

Day 2.

Help-yourself breakfast from 8.30am 

10 am Sharing circle 

11am Sharing of any dreams that came in the night and guidance on how to work with the images and themes using Active Dreamwork Technique.

Time in nature

1 pm Lunch

A Shamanic Journey, meeting your guides for the weekend.

Time in Nature

Guided Journey through the Chakras with crystal bowl soundscape

6 pm Dinner

Evening Fire Ceremony to let go of any wounds/traumas that have come up, with drumming and dancing to get the energy moving.


​Day 3.

Help-yourself breakfast from 8.30am 

10am Sharing circle 

11am More dream exploration of anything that came up in the night.

Dream re-entry journeys for clarification on the meaning of our dreams.

Time in Nature

Journeying to our guides to ask what healing is needed to fully step into our authentic Wild Woman in Cosmic Flow. 

1 pm Lunch

Time in Nature 

Dream weaving dance, a magical process to embody your cosmic flow.

Time in Nature

6 pm Dinner

Putting it all together in Circle – seeing the path ahead creating your vision of your Wild Woman in flow with the Cosmos.

Day 4.

Help-yourself breakfast from 8.30am 

10am Sharing Circle/Closing Ceremony.

12pm Departures


Our Wild Woman in Flow With The Cosmos Retreat is the perfect opportunity to honour the wild and creative woman you are.

Where you will stay

We have a deep respect and love for the land we live on and as such we keep our retreats small and intimate and in perfect harmony with Mother Earth.

Spaces are therefore limited to 5 participants.

The Blueberry Caravan – Sleeps one £910 (inclusive of all costs)

A gorgeous, cosy nest down by the stream and willow woodland with small dble bed, wood burning stove, small chest of drawers, table and chair. There is a wooden deck leading into the caravan, ideal for sitting on and listening to the babbling of the stream and songs of the birds. You also have a hammock to relax and dream in your creative imagination.

Moon Temple Yurt - Sleeps two in 2 single beds  £850 per person (inclusive of all costs)

The Moon Temple is a 14ft handcrafted yurt, the structure being made from hazel poles and willow whips coppiced from our land. A local wood craftsman constructed the yurt. There are 2 single comfy futon beds, low level table, cushions, rugs and wood burning stove. Situated in the blue bell meadow and overlooking the ancient oak trees. You also have an open fire pit.

The Wilding Cabin - Sleeps one £910 (inclusive of all costs)

A very special addition to Spirals accommodation in 2024, The Wilding Cabin sleeps one in a luxury dble futon bed, with a wood burning stove, rugs, cushions, table and chair and set in the wild cherry tree orchard, with open fire pit. 

Bring Your Tent - One person only. £730 (inclusive of all cost)

Choosing this option gives you a beautiful pitch on the land and use of heated outdoor shower and hand crafted compost toilet. You will bring your own bedding.

There are

  • two hand crafted compost toilets (Guests claim they are the BEST compost loo’s ever!)

  • two outdoor heated showers 


You will be nourished by home cooked organic (wherever possible) veggie and vegan meals served in the oak and glass conservatory overlooking the woodland.

Day 1 - Evening meal

Day 2 -  Breakfast/Lunch/Evening meal

Day 3 -  Breakfast/Lunch/Evening meal

Day 4 - Breakfast

Gathering Space:

The space in which we gather is a beautiful converted stone stable with a wooden floor, wood burning stove, rugs, cushions, mattresses, and candle light. It is private, comfortable, and wonderfully inviting.

In addition there is a Bedouin style tent for your use throughout the retreat.

We are SO excited to be holding space for you in 2024, please feel very welcome to contact us with any questions or to make your booking.

With so much love Angie and Anna

Click here to make your booking

Angie Lila Heart

Angie is a Soulful Facilitator, holding space for women as they journey through their initiations and transformations.

She created Spirals of Wellbeing in magical West Wales, to offer a deeply healing, nurturing and nourishing space for women to re-connect to the true nature of who they are whilst on retreat or within 1:1 sessions and Wilding Women Circles.

Angie has been stirring her cauldron of magic for over 2 decades offering energy healing, Soul Re-alignment, womb wisdom, the alchemy of Menopause, sound vibration, dance, chakra balancing and dream weaving.

Angie has written 2 books in which she shares her transformative experiences as a mother in 'Take off Your Armour and Have a Cup of Tea'  and re-writing the Menopause narrative in 'Menopause Wisdoms - Women's Stories of Becoming Crone'.

Both books are published by The Unbound Press.


Anna is a Mother, a Shamanic Teacher and Healer, an Active Dreamer, a journeyer between the Worlds. She is also an author, a word smith, a writing coach and an editor.

She is experienced in all the core techniques of shamanism, very skilled at shamanic journeying. She can connect you with your guides and power animals to help you on your soul’s journey. She can help you recover parts of your soul that may have gone away through trauma. She is skilled at extracting energy intrusions, house healing and a wise and experienced psychopomp.

She is an Active Dreamwork Teacher, trained with Robert Moss. She can help you to make sense of your dreams and to use what comes through in your dreams for your healing and inspiration.

Anna has just published her second book A Wild Adventure on the Big C: My Journey of Natural Healing for Cancer, in which she tells how she healed herself completely naturally from cancer, using her shamanic and dreaming skills as a guide.

She has wide ranging experience of many alternative healing modalities, including a diploma in Shiatsu, Reiki, Kinesiology, Homeopathy and Herbs. She brings this wisdom into her shamanic healing work.

Anna lives in the beautiful Black Mountains of Herefordshire, where she enjoys connecting with nature, exploring sacred sites such as stone circles, and leyline hunting, with her husband Bill, her daughter and her pets.

Anna’s first book is Wild Animals and Wedding Outfits: A voyage of self-discovery around the world.

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