Intuitive Holistic Massage and Reiki

Massage Therapy is often regarded as a 'treat' or a 'pampering'.  I believe these descriptions diminish the value and impact of body and energy work.

My beautiful blend of Holistic Intuitive Massage and Reiki Energy is deeply healing for Mind, Body and Spirit.

The magic of touch enables us to connect to our physical body and tune in to the messages she is communicating to us. The power of energy healing enables our Chakra pathway to find balance and flow, connecting us to our energetic body.  The act of honouring your self to receive an holistic treatment is both nurturing and nourishing and an act of Self Care with Love.

Sports Massage Therapy with Rob.

Rob has been a Sports Massage Therapist for 19 years.

Rob's clients include Farmers, Builders, Electricians, Fitness Instructors, Office Workers, Athletes and many more!

Sports Massage Therapy is for anyone who is suffering from long term injury, specific discomfort and general maintainance,

You will receive a thorough Consultation, treatment specific to your requirements and follow up guidance, such as stretches, exercise and posture.







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