Wild Woman Retreats

How would it feel to honour the amazing woman you are?


To stop, be still, to rest and to listen

To dive deep into what is calling you

To receive nurturing and nourishment

To awaken to your womb wisdom, to nature, to the song of your Soul

To welcome in your innate ability to make new and different choices  in alignment with

the true nature of who you are.

During your retreat here at Spirals of Wellbeing, I will facilitate  you to  experience the beauty of being a Wild Woman, a woman who gives herself permission to awaken from the slumber of distraction, to switch off from the energy sapping world and tune in to the energy giving world. To breathe deeply and re-connect to the rhythm of  your own dance .


Your retreat offers you a beautiful, loving environment and accommodation in which to relax, awaken and open to the gifts of  your innate womb wisdom and Mother Earth . Set in 10 acres of meadow and woodland, with a stream running through, you will feel the magic of the land and be gently held by nature. You have full, exclusive access to the Cottage and the sacred space of  the Moon Temple yurt during your retreat.

I will work with you in the  Moon Temple, facilitating your chosen sessions and treatments. 

Wild Woman Retreats offer you the opportunity to experience gentle, yet powerful and potent healing through being in nature and being held by the Divine Feminine energy. You will be able to sit, dance and dream around an open fire; gaze at the stars and the moon, listening to the call of the owls; lay in the hammock watching the butterflies, dragonflies and birds play among the branches of the tree's and blossoms. You will have space and time to walk barefoot through the meadow, paddle in the stream, and just be still and silent.

The Moon Temple yurt is available to you for your own practices whether it is meditation, rest, sleep, reflection, writing, dancing, singing; the gentle womb like space will hold you in nurturing love.


I would be so happy to chat with you about what you may wish to receive whilst on your Wild Woman Retreat.


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