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The Alchemy of Menopause Journey

A programme for women

who wish to re-claim menopause

as a potent and powerful

process of transformation.










Menopause has been 'sold' to us as being a negative phase of our lives. We have been fed the lie that when we reach our menopausal years we become 'less than', 'crazy', 'embarrassing', 'irrational', 'too much' to be around.

We have been taught that our menopausal symptoms need to be got rid of, controlled at all cost and are regarded always as an inconvenience.

​It is little wonder then, that many of us are fearful of the menopause.

That we fight against our hot flushes, our greying hair, our changing body, our feelings of loss, of grief and of rage.

That many of us feel diminished, invisible, lost and alone.

​It is time to change this narrative.

Time for the negative perceptions, messages and images we have been taught and shown, to be dispelled.

I am here to let you know that menopause is a journey of alchemy.

I am here to let you know that our menopause years are an invitation to us, to step into our authority, our potency and our power.

​It is time to speak about our changes openly and with respect, grace and honesty.

The menopause is a woman's gateway to becoming a Wild Wise Woman, a woman who has gathered her bones, a woman who is becoming Crone.

The Alchemy of Menopause Journey programme has six modules in which I guide and support you to create practices of self-care and love through lessons, reflection, activities, ritual and ceremony.

There are recordings for meditations, shamanic journey and poem visualisation.

You will learn a new language and perspective so that you can experience your menopause years as a magical journey of transmutation.

The programme is FREE when you book a 1:1 session with me.

Your session can be used at anytime during the programme and we will explore together at the time of your choosing what the shape of your session will be.

Coisat £60

You will also have access to my monthly online Menopause Wisdom Circle, details below.

Menopause Wisdom Online Monthly Circle

When women come together there is always magic.

This monthly Circle is for women journeying her menopause pathway.

Holding you in a sacred space, I guide you through an opening meditation connecting us to our womb wisdoms and grounding us in Mother Earth energies.

Following this you are invited to set an intention during a restorative dream space with music, stillness and silence.

You will have space and time to journal and then in a Talking Circle you will be heard and witnessed in spaeaking what you need to speak.

This Circle is perfect for women who wish to come together in sisterhood and who wish to share her wisdoms and hear the wisdoms of others. It offers you a safe space in which to express what you are experiencing in relation to your menopause journey. It empowers you to be curious, to explore your truth, to shed what no longers fit and discover pathways to creating your new skin.

Cost £10

Module 1. What We Have Been Told

You will discover how negative attitudes and language toward being a menopausal woman manifested.

You will connect to your ancestral sisters, as we rise up to re-claim our potency as menopausal women.

Module 2. What is the Menopause?

You will begin to learn a new narrative for your menopause journey.

You will journey to your ancestors

Module 3. Connecting to Your Cyclical Nature

You will explore the relationship between your own and natures cycles and the phases of the moon.

You will become familiar with the four female archetypes of Maiden/Mother/Enchantress and Crone and how they relate to your life cycle.

You will create practices to deepen your relationship with the archetypes.

Module 4. Re-Claiming Your Menarche

You will look back at the moment you started menstruating and consider how the attitudes towards this transition shaped your feelings about becoming a woman.

You will create a ritual to re-claim your menarche.

Module 5. Honouring Your Womb

You will further explore your relationship with your womb.

You will create a practice to honour your womb.

You will connect to your womb through a gentle meditation.

Module 6. Meeting Your Crone

You will reflect on what your new narrative of menopause

means to you.

You will meet your Crone self in meditation.

You will create an altar in honour of your menopause journey.

Feminine Rising Tribal MixAngie and Rob
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FREE dance meditation track created by Spirals of Wellbeing.

Words Brier Heart

Music Rob northwood

Re-Claiming the Crone

Pathways to Self - Care and Love

I invite you to explore what it is to be a menopausal woman when you change the narrative of negativity to one that welcomes, celebrates and values your changes as your gateway to becoming Crone – a potent and powerful

Wild Wise Woman.

I am so happy to welcome you here!

I embrace you with love and sisterhood in this moment of you choosing to step over the threshold into your isolation, death and rebirth initiation, that is the alchemy of menopause.

Know that in this moment, you are saying ‘yes’ to honouring the amazing woman you are, ‘yes’ to throwing off the shrouds of shaming and diminishing that we have been told we must wear as we become an elder.

You will be walking a pathway to being who you want to be in the world as you learn to listen to your inner voice of wisdom, to act upon your intuition and to make choices that nurture and nourish you.

The journey can be challenging, as you dissolve and transmutate, all your unattended or unacknowledged shadow selves come knocking at your door. Your wisdom will call to you to heal your wounding.

You do not need to do this alone!

I will hold space for you and guide you to create your own practices of nurturing and nourishment as you learn the art of Self-Care and Love through reflection, ritual and ceremony.

I work intuitively, with the energies of Earth, Womb and Soul; using shamanic practices, energy healing, body work, deep listening, ritual, ceremony and meditation.

I would love to chat with you about what you are seeking and how you would like to work with me.  

Please click for a free consultation

Module 1. What We Have Been Told

You will discover how negative attitudes and language toward being a menopausal woman manifested.

You will connect to your ancestral sisters, as we rise up to re-claim our potency as menopausal women.


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