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How do you feel during your day to day activities? What is your over-riding feeling at the end of a day? Do you notice in your mind, body and soul how the actions of your day affect you?

In July last year during lockdown , I wrote a poem on a day when I felt utterly content, it simply described each of the actions I took throughout that single day.

I shared it with the writing group I belong to and I think of it still from time to time.

Today is one of those times. It has been a 'perfect' Spring day, blue sky, warm sunshine, bird and frog song, a visiting Heron. All of the things which nurture and nourish my soul.

It is actually a busy time here at Spirals. We are finishing the projects and preparations in anticiaption of being able to welcome guests here again soon. It has required weeks and weeks of physical labour. My body has ached and groaned at the end of some days, but a hot bath and a cup of tea or glass of wine, watching the moon rise and a restoritive nights sleep has re-energised me for each new day.

Today has been no acception to getting stuck in with what is left to do, of which there is still plenty!

In the early afternoon I decided I needed to take a break, rest my body and suck up the beautiful energy by the newly revealed pond.

I placed my coat down across two logs, popped my jumper under my head and lay down beneath the giant Goat Willow's.

Several Robin's flew into the tree's branches and visited with me for a while. I listened to the gentle, hypnotic gurgling of the tiny waterfalls in the stream, the flowing of the spring water into the pond.

Rob was close by, building a 'dead hedge' in the cottage secret garden, a dull thud of posts being put into the ground to support the branches and tree trunks. A smoldering bonfire was puffing out little clouds of smoke from burning brambles, cut away from the banks and boggy woodland - a mighty task it must be said.

And then my poem came to mind and I began to think of it as something that I could use as a daily practice to 'check in' with myself and I felt called to share this with you.

By writing down the actions and non actions you have taken throughout your day and reflecting on them at the end of each day, you will be able to see how aligned you are to the song of your soul.

Ask yourself - 'Am I dancing to my own rhythm? Am I nurturing and nourishing myself? Am I creating those things that resonate deeply with me?'

Why not give it a try, see how it feels, ask yourself - does this support me to stay or come into alignment with my true nature?

Here is the poem I wrote back in the summer of 2020 of a single day.


Today I hugged my friend as he left to say goodbye to his dying mother.

I was reminded of all the years we have known one another. How we have laughed in the best of times and consoled each other in the difficult times. (Friendship, Compassion, Kindness, Belonging)

Today I walked through meadows full of the soft cream coloured Meadowsweet flowers.

Their scent was intoxicating, magical, leading me to the river where fish jumped and splashed in the clear, fast running water. (Mother Earth, Wild Woman, Freedom, Love).

Today I broke up a pile of well seasoned wood into lengths just right for starting a fire, throwing the occassional one for my dog Barley to fetch and chew up, two beings deeply content. (Gratitude, Abundance, Interconnectedness)

Today I talked with my son about the scan he is to have tomorrow. I recalled all the moments through his childhood when I held him in my arms and kissed his peachy soft cheeks. (Mother Love, Deep Listening, Holding Space)

Today I watched low, heavy, grey clouds hanging in a deep blue sky, holding imminent rain and a hint of a storm. Above them were light, fluffy white clouds, casually drifting across this magnifcent skyscape. (Stillness, Silence, Awareness)

Today I recevied a photograph from a friend, of a postcard I had sent her thirty years ago. I had written 'I am sitting on my market stall, bored. So I bought seven postcards to send to people I love'. I wonder who the other six went to. (Memories, Closeness, Communication)

Today I danced with my shadow - my actual shadow cast by the sunlight! (Inner Child, Playfulness, Sensuality)

Today I soothed my poor aching finger joint with Myrhh and Ashwagandha oil. (Intuition, Instinct, Wid Wise Woman wisdom)

Today I watched Rob make two copper hinges for a gate I had constructed out of logs from the land. It now sits as a threshold into the Secret Garden. (Partnership, Creativity)

Today has been a blessing.

With very much love


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