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The 6 Elements to Self-Care and Love 1. Tree Hugging

Mother Earth is our greatest teacher, our greatest healer when we choose to listen to her wisdoms and follow her examples of cyclical being. The gifts she offers to us are abundant, nurturing, nourishing and life giving. It staggers me, baffles me, enrages me and wounds me to witness and feel the wanton destruction and disregard humankind ravages on this beautiful planet Earth. But I am also unsurprised that this happens, continues to happens even at the brink of our own destruction.Humankind has largely become so detached from nature, from our ablity to heal ourselves, from knowing how to love self, let alone others, that we no longer feel connected to Mother Earth, we have lost all understanding of our interconnectedness, of the magical, beautiful, soulful way we are woven as one. I saw a magnificent photograph a while ago showing the indistputable fact that the root systems of tree's closely mirrors the blodd vessel system in our lungs. Tree's are the lungs of the Earth, they communicate with one another, warning of danger - oh how they must have been crying out for so very long. Mother Earth is strong though. We have witnessed her recovery over recent months while our polluting machines and systems and structures have ground to a halt. It is not too late too for us to re-connect, to re-claim and re-wild to the true nature of who we are as humans. This is our opportunity to awaken, to open our hearts, to be vulnerable as we learn again to be human - kind. Tree Hugging is as good a place as any to start! Have you ever hugged a tree? Have you sat with your back supported by a strong, anchored tree trunk? Have you dozed in the shade of a tree's canopy? Have you lain under a tree, gazing up at the sky through her branches and leaves. Have you stopped and listened to the buzzing of bee's gathering pollen in tree blossom? Have you felt the coat of smooth, soft moss on ancient oak tree's? Have you written words of love, or grief, or dreams while resting under a tree? Have you walked through woodland or forest hearing birdsong, feeling sunlight filtering through the tree tops, catching glimpses of creatures in the grasses and fallen leaves? I invite you,no, I encourage you,no, I urge you to find a tree and bathe in her majesty, in her healing energy, in her groundedness. Go, hug a tree! Go, love a tree! Go, love yourself💜

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