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Churning within the deep dark shadow

How are you doing? Did you mange to find your way through Monday?

It was a day of powerful vibration and energy poking at us to look at, be with and fully experience this chaos, which, I found deeply challenging.

I was triggered by systemic discrimination, by my learnt, negative, relationship with money and by my fear of health issues.

Hence, the title of this post!

I was ready to run for the mountains, screaming, pulling my hair out, wet from torrents of tears and pounding rain. I wanted to rip it all up - the oppression, the discrimination. I wanted to pour love into the gaping wounds of our beautiful planet and the human pysche.

I was overwhelmed by the depth in which I am feeling the disintegration and death of this old, patriarchal paradigm.Whilst I am so, so glad it has come at last, the ripping open of all the wounding, individual, community and global wounding is, overwhelming.

I allowed my self to cry in the arms of my husband and in the arms of a friend; human contact, human love, instinctual human interaction. I was witnessed, I was heard, I was held, this being the basis of healing, I was able to begin to let go of the despair.

By the end of the day I was aware that every person I had spoken with was also feeling the depth and the power of the day's energy. Each of us expressing the challenge of confusion, of isolation, of grief; and how each of us are divng ever more deeply into our spiritual practices, connecting with our 5D experiences, building the potency of our intuition and wisdom. We are staying grounded also, to connect with Mother Earth, to exchange the energy of gratitude and love and learn how to navigate the 3D experience in our human form.

Over the weekend, the stream on the land I care for flooded. She was full, she spread herself over the banks and to the ridge of the bridge, she was rushing, pounding over and through, clearing all that stood in her way. I felt her urgency.

I sang and drummed with her potency while I journeyed to my Healing Dome and received the loving wisdom of my spirit guides.

What gives me hope is that we all have spiritual and earthly connections to support us and guide us through this collective death and on our path towards re-birth.

Now is the time; for personal healing and growth in order for collective consciousness to shift into a place of love for self and one another.

Call upon your guides dearest sisters and brothers, walk in nature, invite your spirit guides into your dreams, sing and dance as an act of gratitude and love to Mother Earth. You will feel the reciprocity. Let the wind in the tree's, the rain on your shelter, the earth beneath your feet, the fires in your hearth or candle light take your grief, your anger, your fear - the elements gift us with their alchemy of transmuting it all into love.

I was interviewing a dear wise sister today for my new book, Re-Claiming the Crone. She spoke of how jubilant she feels being a menopausal woman and knowing she is moving ever closer to becoming Crone. We shared our visions of potent, powerful Crone women around a fire, dancing, singing and laughing as unbound women.

These visions too give me hope, or more than hope, a knowing that the gifts post menopausal women - Crone women - will bring to the wold will be full of powerful love, compassion, healing, wisdom and deep, deep joy.

I felt lighter, no longer isolated, re-connected to sisterhood, strong enough to ride the waves, as I found my way back to my innate wisdom.

Time and time again I am reminded of the simple, healing beauty of talking, of sharing what is going on for us with a trusted friend.

So, the next time you feel caught up in the swell of the chaos, be courageous, reach out and ask to be heard and to be held.

Our vulnerabilty is such a gift to share with others.

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