Online Facilitation Programme- The Alchemy of Menopause

An Online  Programme for women being called to welcome her menopause

with curiosity, courage and openness to her changes.

Being diagnosed with a Uterine Fibroid in my early 50's, I chose to seek a pathway of self-healing, which beautifully aligned with the beginning of my peri-menopause years. From that point, I allowed myself to become curious, to explore my inner voice, to receive nurturing and nourishment, to create my own healing practices and to write my first book! In my book 'Take off Your Armour and Have a Cup of Tea', I share my personal journey of becoming a menopausal woman and how I found the transformation and metamorphosis to be deeply healing, leading me to a place of  creating The Art of Self Care and Love. Although my experience was largely positive, I did too, like so many women, struggle with the societal attitudes toward menopausal women and my own learnt perceptions of what it is to be a woman becoming an elder.​ Menopause has been 'sold' to us as being a negative phase of our lives. We have been fed the lie that when we reach our menopausal years we become 'less than', 'crazy', 'embarrasing' to be around.

It is little wonder that many of us are fearful of the menopause.

That we fight against our hot flushes, our greying hair, our changing body,

our feelings of loss, of grief and of rage.

It is little wonder that many of us feel diminished, invisible, lost and alone.

I am here to let you know there is another way!

I am here to let you know that our menopause years are an invitation to us

to step into our authority, our potency and our power.

It is time to change the narrative.

 Time for the negative perceptions, messages

and images we have been taught, to be dispelled.

Time to speak about our changes openly, honestly and with

respect, grace and honesty.

The menopause is a woman's gateway to becoming a Wise Woman,

a woman who knows,

a woman who returns to the true nature of who she is.

So, dearest wise woman, take a deep breath and let's begin.........

I will embrace you with love and sisterhood in this moment of you choosing to step over the threshold  into your initiation of  your death and re-birth, that is the alchemy of menopause.

Know that in this moment, you are saying 'yes' to honouring the amazing woman you are; 'yes' to throwing off the shrouds of shaming and diminishing that we have been told we must wear as we become an elder.

I invite you, as we work together, to explore what it is to be a menopausal woman when we change the narrative of negativity, to one that welcomes, celebrates and values our changes as our gateway to becoming Crone - a powerful and potent Wise Woman.

I will guide you within a healing process of exploration, reflection, celebration and of  re-claiming what has been lost, buried or ignored. I will guide you to develop a new language and attitude towards your changing mind, body and spirit;  to create your own practices of nurturing and nourishment as you learn 'The Art of Self Care and Love'. You will be walking a pathway to being who you want to be in the world, as you let go of what no longer serves you and invite in all that you desire.

If you would like to work with me, please contact me for a

FREE 20 minute consultation.


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