Moon Mother Womb Blessing

'Relationships, upbringing, the stress and pressure of living in a masculine, modern world – all these things regularly disconnect us from awareness of our authentic female nature. Moon Mother's are able to give the Womb Blessing Attunement as a way to raise a woman's vibration, deepen her connection to the Divine Feminine and bring healing and sacredness to her femininity. Receiving a Womb Blessing from a Moon Mother can be a healing, a rite of passage, stress relief, a return to who you are, and a path of personal or spiritual development and devotion.


The Womb Blessing returns our female nature back to its sacredness and awakens and restores our female energies. The Blessing is available to all women whether they currently have a womb or not, or have a cycle or not. The Divine Feminine energy is for all of us. The only condition for the Blessing is that young girls must have had their first Moontime to receive the energy.

This is a seated healing and can be received every 28 days'.

"My cycle was all over the place - now it's regular for the first time ever, I feel connected to my womb"  Fran

Moon Mother Womb Healing

'The Womb Healing is a hands-on healing that helps to balance the archetypes of Maiden, Mother, Enchantress and Crone, restoring their energies and releasing blocks. Womb Healings can bring feelings of self-acceptance, empowerment and completeness. They can help return the menstrual cycle to balance, help support women through the change to menopause, and help menopausal women embrace their new form of femininity.

Womb Healings are offered by Moon Mothers between the Womb Blessings and can be received as often as you like.

You can receive the Healing seated or lying down'. 

'I didn't expect that!' an amazing and deeply healing experience - thank you"  Lisa

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