Rob Northwood

Sports Massage Therapy - 1 hr treatment £38

Robert Northwood

Rob Northwood has been working as a Sports Massage Therapist since 2002. Prior to moving to west wales, Rob practiced in partnership with physiotherapists in a Harley St clinic for over 8 years, then with a Neals Yard Clinic before setting up his own successful practice.


His experince provides each client with a highly skilled treatment. His clients include men and women who come with a wide range of needs e.g office workers experiencing frozen shoulders, neck ache or fatigue, builders with repetative strains, farmers with stiff and aching muscles, people training for the Iron Man or marathons.

With a background in dance and fitness, having spent 10 years as a fitness instructor and 20 years as a professional dancer, Rob has a deep understanding of the body's need for balance and consistant, regular maintenence.

Following a detailed consultation, to ensure Sports Massage is suitable for you and to identify areas of the body needing particular attention, you will receive a treatment designed to re-align, re-balance and re-jeauvanate your body.


I will provide you with suggested supportive exercises to do at home in order to maintain the benefits of your treatment. For ongoing or long term injury or imbalance, a series of treatments may be required.

Sports massage is benificial to all, from a trained athlete to an office worker. The therapy involves manipulation of the body’s muscles and tendons. Through improved circulation the muscles can repair and restore their range of motion. By enabling balance to the muscles, the skelital frame can also become more aligned. The postive effects include, released tension, reduced inflamation, greater and smoother range of movement and an increased sence of wellbeing.

Sports massage sometimes works deep into the areas of tension -  but it is worth pointing out that 'no pain no gain' is not benificial to you or the therapist! Communication is important between you and your therapist in order to avoid the muscles resisting to deeper pressure.

Prior to a treatment it's best to avoid eating a heavy meal and to be well hydrated as this will make the treatment more effective.



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