Author of 'Take Off Your Armour and Have a Cup of Tea'

My first book, Published by Nicola Humber's The Unbound Press, was released in October 2019.

I had thought about writing this particular book for many years, but dealing with a deeply personal subject felt too vulnerable. What changed for me and gave me the courage to put my 'lived experience' into a book, was becoming a Menopausal woman. That and having spent the previous 5 years on what I now call my Womb Wise Woman Pathway of healing.

In 2019 I  received a Face Book Post inviting women to take part in a Free 5 Day Writing Challenge with Nicola Humber. I knew Nicola from when we trained to be Moon Mothers and she stayed at Spirals Off Wellbeing. We instantly 'clicked', feeling we had met before and there was clearly a Soul connection we both felt.

6 years later and following the 5 Day Challenge, Nicola was offering her Unbound Writing Mastermind Course. I immediately signed up for it, knowing it was to time to write my book and to do so within a community of other women, 'held' by the magic and wisdom of Nicola.

6 months later my book was finished, Nicola invited me to Publish with her brand new 'The Unbound Press', which I gratefully accepted!

I am now writing my second book, collecting stories from women about their lived experiences of being a Menopausal woman. I am so excited about this project.

It is time for the negative perceptions, messages and images we have been taught about what it is to be a Menopausal woman to be dispelled. Time to speak about our 'Changes' openly, honestly and with respect and integrity. Time for women and men, daughter's and sons, to learn that the Menopause is a Woman's Gateway to becoming a Wise Woman, a Woman Who Knows, a Woman who has Power and Potency!

I run an Online FB Group - Spirals of Wellbeing Menopause Wisdom

I would love to hear from you if you are interested in exploring your most magical Transformation to becoming Crone.

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Praise for 'Take Off Your Amour...'.

"This book should be read by every would be teacher" Alli McKridge

"So beautifully written Angie, some has been hard to read but I can't put it down. There are too many things I want to say to rush them, but I needed to say reading your words was so powerful for me". Shelley Inman

"So much resonated with me, especially about your Mother. I loved it all." Jenny Jones

"Reading Angie's book has been inspirational to me as a Mother. Her book is emotional, truthful and brave. Beautifully written, this book is for everyone to read and take away something from". Tracy Ives

"With clarity, passion and courage, Angie Northwood punches outside the box!" Carmen Freidman

Extract from 'Take Off Your Armour and Have a Cup of Tea'.

In the following pages I have woven the story of being a mother of a disabled child into the story of being a mother who has *gathered her bones. This is the story of why and how I became an Inclusion Warrior in order to fight for the rights of my child. The story of how over the years of fighting battles, protected by a fierce armour I had unknowingly shielded myself with, I lost touch with my instinctual wisdoms.

This is also the story of finding and remembering my Womb and Soul Wisdom, of doing my inner work to heal the *mother wounds, heal from my battle wounds and of learning to navigate my menopausal years into the magnificence of becoming Crone.

The two stories are inseparable.

I’ll be clear right from the start. Molly is the most wonderfully expressive person I have ever known. She laughs every day, she sings every day, she shouts when she’s angry, she cries when she’s sad, she’s quiet when she needs to be. Molly has not lost touch with her instinctual, intuitive self. She is uncluttered and non-conformist. The beauty of her ‘forever innocence’ is that she maintains her innate ability to be herself. She has no pretence, no projecting. I know where I am with her, she doesn’t disguise or hold back with what she’s feeling. This is so refreshing and let’s be honest, it’s rare to know someone who is fully expressed. I celebrate and rejoice in her ability to teach me and others on so many levels.

It’s not always easy; being a mother of a dependent adult child has challenges. Many years ago, a woman said to me

“I bet you wish you had a magic wand” (to change Molly).

I did not wish that then and I do not wish it now. I would not change any aspect of my daughter. I would however change many aspects of how society regards and treats people who appear on the surface to be ‘too different’.

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