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Wilding Woman 
Gentle Transformation
Re claiming to The True Nature of Who You are

I wonder as I sit here writing this invitation to you, how you found your way here to Spirals of Wellbeing?


Was it a calling you heard whispering to you, to step over a threshold into a space where you can dissolve the illusions?

Do you yearn to feel rooted and anchored into Mother Earth to live in reciprocity with her?

Are you feeling a desire to experience pleasure, joy, delight, play-fullness, and creativity?

Are you screaming inside to shake off the suffocating stories of who you ‘should’ be?

Can you sense your heart opening and filling with love?

Do you long to be in ‘right’ relationship with nature, loved ones, community and the collective?

Do you spend time imagining your voice is heard, you speak your Truth, you share your fears, longings, celebrations and curiosity without judgement or condemnation?

Are you longing to nurture your innate intuition and be in flow with the Sacred Spiral of birth, life, death, and rebirth connecting us from Mother Earth to the Cosmos?

Can you feel the vibration of change in every cell in your body, raising your consciousness and re-aligning you to your Soul wisdom?

I invite you in this moment to stop and be still dear sister.

Take a breath all the way down into the cauldron of your womb.

As you exhale close your eyes and dare to see yourself dancing naked around a fire, whooping with blissful, innocent, joyous pleasure.

You are unbound and free.

You know you are held by the love of Mother Earth.

You know you no longer need to live in separation.

You know you belong.

You know you are loved.

You know in this moment you have been re-united with the Wild, Wise, Cyclical, Creative woman that you are.

You may now be asking

How do I re-claim the true nature of who I am?

What support do I need to deep dive into the murky waters and find my hidden dreams?

How do I access my inner authority to guide me?

What can I do to free myself from the false stories I am bound to?

How do I access the gold of myself?

These are great questions, and I'm sure you have more!

These questions are activations, a nudge, provocations, each calling you to re-member you have the courage, the determination, innate intuition and wisdom to re-claim the true nature of who you are.

And you do not have to make the journey alone. In fact, I encourage you not to do so. 

These potent times we are in have awoken many of us to the deep knowing that we are not separate from one another, that to reach out and ask for support is a strength.

What support am I offering?

Wilding Woman Gentle Transformation - Reclaiming the True Nature of Who You Are

is a six month journey in which you will

* Discover who you are at Soul level - a Soul reading and exploration into making choices aligned to your gifts and essence

* Develop a gentle, loving relationship with your womb centre - your space of creativity, desire and pleasure

* Dream Weave within a soundscape Journey for guidance and insight

* Explore your physical, emotional and spiritual response to change within a 'dancescape'

* Connect to your Rainbow Bridge through am immersion into your chakra centres

* Be held whilst you rest, be still and silent

* Be witnessed in your curiosity, unravelling and re-claimation as you weave your own story

* Deepen your relationship with nature

* Shine a light on your potency and power as a Wilding Woman

As a woman who has navigated the alchemical initiations of motherhood, marriage and the menopause, I know there truly is magic in the changes we experience throughout our lives.

And of course right now we are collectively experiencing the initiation of a huge paradigm shift as well as undergoing, consciously or unconsciously (the choice is yours), an internal process of healing and raising our consciousness!

It is time to step into our potency and power, look to our internal authority, to our sovereignty, to 



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