About Us

Spirals Of Wellbeing is a space of peace and tranquility, existing in perfect harmony with the magical, healing land where we live. We moved here in 2012 with the vision and aim to hold and honour this very special valley that we feel blessed to live in, so that we and others have a space to grow, to explore, to discover, to rest and to be, so that we may live life with an open heart, with wisdom and with love and compassion for each other and for the land.

In late March 2012 we arrived at midnight on a starlit night in this beautiful valley that is now our home. We came with the dream and vision to create an eco friendly, self sufficient life style and to create a place of healing and relaxation. The dream and vision achieved so far, we still walk the land, breathing in the fresh air, absorbing the lush landscape and planning and creating new ideas to further develop what we are doing.

We feel truly honoured to be here, the land, the people, the magic and mystery brings joy to our lives and our clients and guests tell us they feel this too and carry it back to thier homes with them.

We offer a range of holistic therapies and healing for individuals and retreats. We have a beautiful converted studio, which is our treatment and healing space.

Set in the ten acres of meadow, where we have planted around 1000 trees, an established woodland and with a stream running through the land, the atmosphere is both welcoming and relaxing.

The valley is secluded and rural but with easy access from Carmarthen, Newcastle Emlyn and Cardigan.

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