Welcome to spirals of wellbeing a place of peace and tranquillity, offering space and stillness in which to re-connect to nature.​ A place in which you will feel held, nourished and nurtured.​ A place in which to re-claim the true nature of who are, to hear the song of your soul and the heartbeat of Mother Earth.

Spirals of Wellbeing is the perfect place to escape to, especially in these strange and challenging times.

Since I moved here in 2012 with my husband and daughter, we have rewilded the land, from barren fields where cattle were grazed, to beautiful nature filled meadows.

Having planted a range of native deciduous trees and crops of willow, the six acres of meadow now provide a haven for birds, mice, voles, moles and rabbits. Butterflies and moths, bees and insects can be seen and heard throughout the Spring and Summer months when wild flowers are in abundance. Foxes and badgers have their homes in the wild edges of the woodland and leave their tracks as gentle paths through the meadows from their nightly excursions.

In the boggy woodland down by the stream, a heron visits and sits majestically by the pond. Owls call to each other across the valley and softly swoop through the star filled sky.

Strolling up the woodland tracks you are drawn to the views out across the land and the vast landscape of the sky, where you will see red kites and buzzards hovering and calling, searching out the creatures hidden in the meadows below.

The little bridge across the stream invites you to sit and meditate to the sound of the water and the song of the birds. The hammock and grass roofed shelter in the cottage's wild garden, is a blissful space in which to rest and relax, with nothing to do other than close your eyes and drift into dreams.

Sounds gorgeous doesn’t it?

Having moved from a city to be here, I know the benefits and deep healing there is from being in nature.

Our mind, body and spirit wellbeing is more important now than it has ever been in these times.

I believe this time we are in, is a global initiation. We are being called to wake up. Human kind cannot continue to destroy the very thing that gifts us life. 

There is nothing more precious than Mother Earth.

It is time to bring ourselves back into balance and harmony with all other living things.

This is our call to re-wild our-selves, to re-connect to the true nature of who we are, that is, a living, breathing, loving, compassionate cyclical being beautifully aligned to and inseparable from all other life.

So, place your feet firmly on the ground, take a deep breath all the way down to the base of your spine, your root chakra, and as you exhale allow a sound to flow up from your roots, up from your heart, up and out through your throat.

Know that you are a wonderous being.

You are wild and free.

Know you have innate wisdom and intuitive insight.

You hold the song of your soul deep in your bones.

If you feel the call to dance to your own rhythm, Spirals of Wellbeing is somewhere you can begin, or continue, your wilding journey........

I very much look forward to welcoming you here. If you would like to chat about the sessions and retreats I offer, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.