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I am Angie Northwood; Soulful Facilitator, Author and Healer.

I am also a Crone.

You may have felt a retraction in your body as you read the word Crone. You may have inwardly asked "Why is she using that word?" And I understand your retraction and question! Crone (and hag) have been used for a long time as a derogatory term to describe an elder woman. If you look up the definition in a dictionary, the first words you will see are 'ugly and malicious woman' as well as 'witch', which too, carries an implication of a woman who is dangerous. 

So, of course, we have learnt to dislike these words and feel offended (because offence is intended) when we hear them being used about us. We have also unconsciously learnt to be fearful of  those words. This is not surprising, when you consider the fact that we were punished and burned at the stake for being intuitive, wise women and healers - we carry this history in our bones.

Let's just take a breath, pause a moment and re-centre ourselves!

Crone actually means a wise woman (as do hag and witch).

Crone means a woman who is post menopausal. Crone refers to a women who stands in her authority, who is unafraid of her potency and power. 

I am reclaiming the word Crone, I use it with ease and pleasure in conversation, in my facilitation and healing work and as an author - so you will read it a number of times throughout the following pages!

I have created Pathways to Self Care and Love, the work I offer to you, through my lived experiences; of awakening and connecting to my womb energy as the source of my creativity, pleasure and desire; in turn enabling me to embrace my menopause journey as an alchemical  experience; thus leading me to celebrate becoming Crone.

I have reached a place of deep understanding; that for women to live her life in it's truest expression, it is essential that she nurtures and nourishes herself, that she is  connected to her innate, intuitive, instinctual self, that she lives each day from a place of gratitude and love and doing what makes her Soul sing.

Spirals of Wellbeing

Pathways to Self Care and Love

In 2012 I moved from Brixton in London with my husband Rob and our daughter Molly, to beautiful rural West Wales with a vision to live gently on the land, be self sufficient and create a space for healing and growth.

Spirals of Wellbeing is everything we had dreamed of and so much more, manifested through a commitment to our vision, building all that we do from a place of love and deep connection to nature.

We have evolved what we offer from learning what works for us as a family, what the land calls us to create and what we want to offer to and share with others.

Being immersed in such beauty nurtures and nourishes us everyday.

The changing of the seasons, the cycle of the moon, our own cyclical nature holds us in a place of  deep connection to Mother Earth, filling us with gratitude and feeding our Souls. We have learnt to dance to our own rhythm, to take care of selves in order to care for others.

Sharing what we love is an integral part of our lives and we are truly delighted to offer what we have created to support you on your Pathway to Self Care and Love 


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