Spirals Of Wellbeing

 A Place of Peace and Healing


Welcome to Spirals of Wellbeing, where you can retreat, stop and reconnect to your wild wise self.

Spirals of Wellbeing goes far beyond just a holiday. As soon as you arrive you will feel your stress begin to fall away. You will be able to breath deeply, feel the air on your skin, attune to the sounds of being in nature.

We are fortunate to have no mobile signal here, an opportunity for you to really, truly switch off and experience a ‘digital detox’.

We invite you to gift yourself a retreat from the madness of the ‘energy sucking world’ and enter the ‘energy giving world’ – a world in which you can choose to let go and honour your mind, body and spirit. 


Spirals of Wellbeing is also our home and where we are inspired to write, paint and work as author, artist and healers. We know how giving this land is. The energy and vibration call you to open to your creativity, to do what makes your Soul sing.

We grow our own organic food and herbs. When in season, there is an abundance of wild blackberries, raspberries, apples and plums. You are welcome to ask if we have any spare food which we are pleased to offer at a reasonable price.

We are ecologically conscious and therefore live gently on the land and with deep honouring of and to the Earth. Your accommodation had been designed to be eco friendly too and we ask that you respect the land and our commitment to creating a place of peace and love in harmony with our beautiful planet.

Since moving here in 2012, we have planted around 700 trees on the land. This has created a wonderful willow and native deciduous woodland in addition to the older woodland, which you also have access to. As you explore the land you will come across little surprises, places to rest, to sit and ‘be’, to play and to walk. The stream has a couple of plunge spots where if you are brave enough for the cold water you can take a refreshing dip, if not you can paddle and no doubt join our dog Barley for a game of stone diving!

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